$1 Stewed Pork Bee Hoon @ Truly Curry Rice, Telok Blangah Drive

The idea of being able to still enjoy a meal at $1 in the world’s most expensive city, for the second year running according to Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), may sound almost ludicrous. Yet, young hawkers Joel and Deniece have done quite the impossible by doing just that. Introducing $1 Stewed Pork Bee Hoon at their Telok Blangah stall (they have a second stall in Holland drive), the duo’s idea was to cater to the elder folk who are usually on a budget and do not have such high spending power. The response to this initiative has been almost overwhelming as we hear that plates of bee hoon have been flying off the wok for the past 2 months since it was first started.

TCR Bee Hoon2

You can also add a dollar more for two side dishes e.g. the chap chye or that crackling crispy pork chop that I simply cannot get enough of! Although I have to admit that the stewed pork bee hoon was actually good to eat on its own. The bee hoon itself was moist and flavourful, having soaked up all that broth from the stewed pork while the pork though almost shredded, was tender, chewy yet substantial. Simple, homely and just right. Yes, that portion you see in the photograph is the actual portion you get for $1.

Wildfire Kitchen+Bar @ 26 Evans Road

Taking over the space where the former flagship branch of Hatched used to be, Wildfire Kitchen+Bar, opened by restaurateur Michel Lu, is all about good ol’ bar grub- burgers and beers. Opened earlier this year, this casual restaurant has already earned quite the reputation for serving up hearty tall stacked burgers served alongside some fries. The drill here is simple, place your orders at the counter, collect a buzzer and return to the counter for your food when the buzzer sounds. No extra service provided, therefore no service charge.

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We came here on a Saturday at around 12pm and was thus able to order from both their Breakfast and Burgers menu. The former is available from 8.30am-4pm while the latter starts from 12pm till closing time. Prices range from $15 for an Eggs Benedict to $26 for a Fullblood Wagyu Specialty Burger and $36 for the Hanger Steak (250g).

Antoinette’s 4th Anniversary Set Menu + Father’s Day Special

Words by Yasmine Ng
Photography by GNineThree

Antoinette Allure

I was inspired to write craft this post in a very particular fashion for two reasons: Firstly, if you have not figured out, Antoinette’s brand and image alludes to the historic character, Marie Antoinette, who was the last Queen of France. Madame Antoinette was a symbol of, some say folly, but let’s be positive and call it luxury and extravagance. Secondly, inspiration struck when a lively discussion ended with the conclusion that nobody pays much (if any) attention to lengthy blog posts anymore. The public is now empowered to judge how good a particular dish is simply by how it looks or how many likes it has garnered via a 1:1 photo stream on their smartphones. We have entered a new era…but I think not.

Hopefully, if you have read till this point, you are in agreement with me. A picture can tell a thousand words but it is precisely that, which necessitates words to describe the picture – holistically, truthfully or creatively.


For Father’s Day- “Nordic”

This is a cake worthy of a place on Mad Hatter’s table in Alice in Wonderland! Never mind that it looks frivolous…who could have imagined prawns and salmon on a cake? Apparently, the Norwegians did and Chef Pang agreed it was a splendid idea! Do not be fooled by how “cake-like” it is because the savoury seafood sandwich layers are anything but sweet.

Dragonboat Festival ’15: Park Palace, Grand Park City Hall

Park Palace at Grand Park City Hall probably wins the award for the most innovative dumplings of the season for this year. Inspired by well-loved Singaporean dishes such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Bak Kut Teh and Chilli Crab, the culinary team has packaged them into mounds of dumplings neatly wrapped with lotus leaves, in tribute to SG50.

Each of these dumplings also comes with its own homemade dip on the side. The sauce for the Chilli Crab Dumpling $8.80 for starters, has sweet and savory notes, complete with wisps of egg white and crab meat. Do not be too hasty in biting into the dumpling though! There is a whole pincer claw tucked within for a nice rustic touch. My only gripe was probably the proportion of glutinous rice to ingredients which had me a bit disappointed.


The Bak Kut Teh Dumpling $12.80 was one which scored points for that peppery herbal aroma when the dumpling first came out of the steamer. Packing a whole pork rib that had been simmered in a broth with over ten spices and herbs, this dumpling is complimented by a bowl of pork bone tea that is best drizzled over the glutinous rice- the way you would usually savour your bak kut teh.

Haha Thai @ Ngee Ann City

Haha Thai has been around for quite some time now. Formerly located at Changi Village, then Foch Road in Jalan Besar, this family business has since moved upmarket to Ngee Ann City right in the heart of Orchard Road. What’s interesting to note too is that Haha Thai first started out as a fish farm business. It comes as no surprise therefore that this Thai restaurant specialises in seafood items such as Lobster, Shellfish, Soft Shell Crab, Fish, Squid and Prawns cooked in various different ways- curry, salted egg, lemon steam etc.

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We came here for dinner one evening and while the place was not crazy crowded, the number of tables occupied was rather decent for a weekday. No better way to start our Thai meal with some Haha Thai Iced Milk Tea $4.80 and Haha Lemongrass $4.80 drinks. Refreshing and iced cold, the flavour of both drinks were rightfully intense and downright sweet in a good way. I did prefer the latter though for its citrusy notes and hints of lemon.