Sweetspot @ Marina Bay Sands

Date with the best friend. Yummy desserts. Exploring a new place. Pretty scenery. What more could a girl ask for? :) Went to MBS and took the circle line for the first time. For once I felt lost in Singapore (it’s hard to get lost on a tiny island) and honestly for the first time, I was awed in Singapore. I think we take for granted the many nice buildings and architecture we have (at least I do) and I told Xin that if I was not in Singapore, I think Id be busy snapping like crazy with my camera thinking the high ceilings and the grandness of the hotel was really beautiful… Anyhow, Id have to admit, MBS is really quite nice

Tried the desserts at Sweetspot which is this really small cafe at the ground level of the hotel. The place has bar top tables and only one table with chairs (basically they dont encourage sitting down, chilling and having a cup of tea while you enjoy your dessert) So the following photos were taken while we were standing, bending over our tables to eat our dessert and trying not to drop the crumbs everywhere in the process which is hard because everything is so flaky and crispy (surprisingly though, the tables are usually very clean even though every customer leaves a mess behind after eating because there was someone in charge of cleaning up almost immediately after you leave)

And because Im mad about macarons, we dived straight to the macaron counter and ordered one Sea Salt Caramel (extreme left), two Earl Grey, one Passionfruit, one Peanut Butter & Jelly and one Mango (extreme right). The sea salt caramel tasted nothing like sea salt caramel (we suspect she gave us chocolate instead) and the mango tasted ordinary… :(

But our impressions were saved by…The MOST AWESOME EARL GREY MACARONS EVER!!! :D

Passionfruit and Peanut Jelly which were not bad too! You could literally taste the jelly in the peanut butter.

Vanilla Custard which we had to eat layer by layer because just cutting through it made the whole thing fall apart..

The Chocolate Paradigm Cake which was made from 5 types of chocolate! YUMS!

Suddenly felt so proud of Singapore after vising MBS…HAHA! Resorts World next time I come home! :)

10 Bayfront Avenue
Lobby Level, Tower 3
Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Tel: 6688 8588


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