Adelaide Eats: Zest Cafe Gallery in Glenelg

Zest’s brekkie menu HERE!

Heard heaps about Zest Cafe Gallery in Glenelg but never got to try it because it was always crowded! Our visit this time was no exception but luckily, there were only 2 of us and we were simply told to take a walk and come back in 15 min time! We did get our table when we got back and finally got to try what many people were raving about :)

Mum and I shared a salad and a main. Did not want to get too full because I wanted to venture to desserts (What’s new? ;))

Raw Beef and Avocado Salad (told them to leave out the onions and tomatoes)

Not a big fan of beef that is still red in colour but this one was really tender and yummy! Topped off with the olive oil dressing and silvered almonds.. :D

Prebronata- Corsican Beef Casserole (beef, red wine, thyme, red capsicum, tomatoes) served with garden salad and oversized croutons. Loved how the stewed beef simply melted in your mouth with the sweetness of the tomato paste.

The quirky entrance of the cafe!

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2A Sussex Street
Glenelg SA 5045
(08)8295 3599

And as usual it was off to Bracegirdles, House of Fine Chocolate :D

Mummy chose a Raspberry Macaron Cake served with Strawberries and Cream which was such a great choice because of the slight tinge of coconut at the top and biscuit base crust.

Brought a Milk Chocolate Block off the shelf

And shaved it..

Till it looked like this..and then it was time to enjoy :)

31 Jetty Road, Glenelg
(08) 8294 8482

Of course, if you’re still cannot leave the beach without having a taste of oysters. So a serve of Natural and Kilpatrick Oysters with a squeeze of lemon is deemed necessary :)

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Adelaide, Australia

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  1. fatlittleboy says:

    This post has convinced me to add Adelaide to an Australian road trip I’m planning during one of my college term breaks! Were you there on holiday or are you planning on going back? =)

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