Adelaide Eats: Yum Char at Citi Zen

I am a Chinese girl who loves her yum char (or dim sum as it is more commonly referred to back home). Bite sized snacks that are either steamed or deep fried with pork or seafood.. Sweet or savoury, it’s gonna whet your appetite and make you craving for more! While I usually get sick of something after eating too much of it, I never get tired of dim sum :)

A good dim sum place usually makes a mean Har Gao, Rice Rolls with Shrimps, Siew Mai, Char Siew Bao, Carrot Cake and Egg Tarts. Of course, I have my own personal favourites as well. And here are some that Citi Zen does a relatively good job at. Though with a personal bias, I still think Taste Paradise and Shang Palace back home are still the best..

Anyhow, I have found a new love for Custard Bao but here’s where the confusion sets in.. Back home in Singapore, you know the salted egg yolk bun with custard that flows when you bit into it? That’s called Custard Bao (奶黄包). But here in Adelaide..order 奶黄包 and you get a Bao with solid yellow filling that is sweet but does not flow… (I was too dismayed to take a photo of the inside.. :( but Im sure you can picture it.)

So if you do want your nice flowing, creamy, salted egg yolk but sweet custard bao, you order 流沙包 that looks a little like the 奶黄包 but has a yellow tinge in the skin and no red dot in the middle!

And here’s the best part when you bit into it…

Sweet flowing happiness :D :D :D (Kindly excuse my blue nail at the bottom left :p)

And then you have your usual yum char staples such as Fried/Steamed Beancurd Skin with Seafood, Prawn Dumplings, Carrot Cake and Glutinous Sticky Rice..

And of course MY usual yum char staple- EGG TARTS!! (or more commonly known as Custard Tarts here)

Yum Char here has pretty good standard but is also quite costly. It is however also always full house especially on Sundays so you have to call up for reservations for which they have two timings- 11am and 1pm. Try and book the earlier one because at the later slot, there will not be any egg tarts left (that’s if you love them as much as I do!). Bill between 3 of us came up to $74+? You can definitely can get a better run for your money back home but I guess when you’re away and all you want is a little taste of home, this comes as a good substitute :)

408 King William Street
Adelaide City SA 5000
(08) 8212 8383

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Adelaide, Australia

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