Adelaide Eats: Almalfi Pizzeria Restaurant on Frome

Almalfi serves the BEST pizza ever (or at least I think so) and once you have tried it, you’ll never want to eat regular pizza ever again :) Wanted to have dinner at 7pm but I called for a reservation too late and ended up having a 8.15pm slot al fresco because all the tables inside were taken up (and this was only a Wednesday night -.-) However, when we arrived at 8.15pm, they had already managed to clear a table inside for us so together with the mummy, bestie and buddy…we sat down for an awesome dinner :D

Disclaimer: This post is a tad bias because of the number of times I have been to Amalfi and now I only order what I really really like so there is nothing much to complain about :D

Onto the food…

Entree: Salt and Pepper Squid (Squid dusted with flour salt & pepper fried served with salad & mayonnaise)

Super yummy! Crispy, not oily and not too salty..

Pasta: Amalfi (Egg Ribbon Pasta with Mushroom Pancetta Chilli Cream Sauce)

Pasta: Zingarella (Linguine, Capsicum, Onion, Broccoli, Basil, Prawns, Chilli, Honey Butter Sauce)

The photos say it all.. YUM YUM YUM :)

Pizza: Amalfi Special (Prawn, Anchovy, Ham, Salami, Tomato, Spinach, Capsicum, Olives, Cheese & Sauce)


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29 Frome Street, Adelaide
(08) 8223 1948

Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante on Urbanspoon

Adelaide, Australia

5 Responses to Adelaide Eats: Almalfi Pizzeria Restaurant on Frome

  1. fatlittleboy says:

    So many toppings!!! The egg ribbon noodles are so gorgeously glossy in that chili cream sauce; you’re making me regret my decision to go to Sydney… just a little. =P

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