Strictly Pancakes

Pancakes are a very integral part of my life and I am in love with thick and fluffy pancakes :) So to find out that a cafe that specialises in just pancakes had opened in Singapore, I was psyched and I knew I had to try it! :D

Located at Prinsep Street, it was not very hard to find especially with the big signboard along the main road. Two of us got seats at the couches upstairs and got ready for what we had hoped to be a good meal…

Chocolate Pancakes with deliciously Tangy Lemon Custard and Cream Accompanied with a Scoop of Vanilla ice Cream and Lemon Zest.

Medium Stack of Peanut Butter Pancakes layered with Nutella served complete with Kinder Bueno and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

The verdict?

I was not sold.. Actually thought that the descriptions were heaps better than the pancakes themselves..Did not think that the pancakes were thick or fluffy enough. The mix of peanut butter with Nutella and Kinder Bueno was awesome even if the pancakes were not there.. The lemon custard was not bad but the chocolate pancakes were not chocolatey enough.. But I guess you could try the place if you have a pancakes craving, it’ll probably satisfy it..kinda? Anyhow the waitresses there are really nice and friendly while the second floor of the cafe is really cosy so it’s a good place for photos and to spend time with your girlfriends! :)

44A Prinsep Street,
Singapore 188674
Tel: 6333 4202


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  1. bookjunkie says:

    that’s it….am gonna make some pancakes right now :)

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