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Adelaide Eats: 1/2 Priced Steaks at The Stag Hotel

Uni has not even started and I have already created a backlog of food entries because I have awesome time management :( Out three nights in a row- SD, Lil and Sue’s Elvish 21st and the girls’ catch up. I am so exhausted…but they were 3 pretty fine nights though :D Great way to end the summer hols before uni actually starts come Monday! :) Which reminds me that my deadline is up tonight so from tomorrow onwards, no more brooding and no more thinking ‘what if?’

Anyway, the 1/2 priced steaks deal at The Stag is back!! Everyone say YAY? The deal is only for lunch though and if you are willing to wait a really long time for your order (the kitchen is severely shorthanded and the crowd is huge), the deal is actually pretty darn awesome!

My MSA*Certified Australian Angus Beef 350g Scotch Fillet- $35.10 ($17.55)

Tasted a bit charred out the outside but other than that, the beef was tender and yummy :)

YX’s MSA*Certified Australian Angus Beef 300g Porterhouse- $32.10 ($16.05)

Mable’s MSA*Coorong Angus Beef 200g Eye Fillet- $32.10 ($16.05)

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299 Rundle St, Adelaide SA
Ph: 08 8223 2934

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Recipe: Super Easy Apple Blueberry Crisp Crumble without Crust

We were supposed to head out for dinner when the girls came back but because they were tired from flying, I decided to bake something simple and easy so we could just pig out in front of the telly and enjoy :) Okay maybe it was not that easy because I did not have an apple corer so I had to do everything with just a knife. Hmmm Im not attempting this again without an apple corer the next time and I ran out of butter so I substituted with olive oil for some parts of the crumble. Glad it still turned out alright. Hope the girls liked it :)


1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
6 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into pieces/olive oil
1/3 cup old-fashioned rolled oats
1/3 cup chopped walnuts or pecans

5 Granny Smith Apples (peeled, cored, and cut into 1 inch chunks)
1 cup fresh blackberries or raspberries
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 teaspoon lemon zest
3 tablespoons white granulated sugar

Preheat oven to 190 degrees. Place all the topping ingredients (flour, sugars, spices, butter, oats and nuts) in a large bowl and whisk until the mixture is crumbly and there are no large pieces of butter visible.  Set aside while you prepare the filling.

Place the apple chunks in a large bowl, along with the berries (if using) and lemon zest. Toss with the lemon juice and sugar.

Transfer to your prepared baking dish Spread the topping evenly over the apples.

Bake for approximately 30-40 minutes until the topping is golden brown.

Remove from oven and place on a wire rack to cool for about 30 minutes before serving or eat straight from the dish like we did! :D

Adelaide Eats: Ngân Quán Nghi

This was such a random meet up and the location was not even planned. Just some place Juan had in mind so he just brought us there. But apparently, among our party of 3, I was the only one who has not been there before! Talk about missing out on something really good!

Hello everyone, meet Mr Smoothies :D Mr Durians and Mr Avocado.

My durian smoothieeee! I miss durian so so much!!!

Com tâm suòn bì cha ($9 for small)- Broken rice with pork ribs, shredded pork, mince cake

Com gà xá xíu ($9 for small)- Broken rice with red BBQ chicken fillet

Hu tíu mì thâp câm khô ($9 for small)- Special combination rice/egg dry noodles

Looked so good when it first arrived BUT why so much spring onions!! :( :( :(

So I had to pick them out one by one with my pair of chopsticks and put it into Wayne’s soup.. Drinking that bowl of soup would be my biggest nightmare thank you very much.

See how pretty it looks without the spring onions now? And this was simply delicious! It’s a bit like bak chor mee but rice noodles mixed with egg noodles + seafood and chicken/pork + my favourite quail eggs!! I had 2 of them :D

Initially we wanted to get cold rolls, you know the DIY sort but because Wayne had dietary restrictions, we settled on a random dish, my pick…was so scared it would turn out weird because the guys were saying ‘you pick, not nice you finish.’ -.- Then I tried to push the responsibility away but no one else would take it so I chose…I was so nervous I even asked the waitress, ‘is it nice’ and she nodded profusely. Hee :) But after she left, I started to think ‘Which waitress would say their own dish was bad??’

Vit kho gung ($16)- Marinated duck with ginger

But anyhow, it turned out really good. They managed to stew the duck till it was so tender and soaked up all the herbs. With ginger and vinegar, it tasted like a confinement dish but it was super yummy :)

This place was packed when we went there, heard that it is usually full on weekends so try and call to make a booking :) It is definitely worth a try and I HAVE to go back and try their other dishes, cold rolls, hot pots etc etc, their menu is really extensive…You wont regret it :) Though you definitely need a car to get there though, it is located in the middle of some housing estate so even if you did take the bus, you would have to walk in quite a distance…

1-5/34 Wright St, Ferryden Park
(08) 8244 6003

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Recipe: Dark Chocolate Nutella Truffles

I like shopping in markets. While other girls enjoy window shopping in malls and buying clothes, I’d much prefer going to markets and looking at different ingredients or types of foods. Love wet markets, love hypermarts, love supermarkets :) Put me in a cake shop that sells different cupcake moulds, egg separators, cake tins or apple corers, I can stay there for hours wishing I had the money to buy everything. Yes I am that uncool. But I like being uncool… Anyhow today I found cheap eggs in Central market! The prices of eggs are very wide ranged in Adelaide. They can go as high as $5 for a small carton of 6 (free range) and everyone knows that the cheapest is $2.80 in O Connell’s Butchery. But today I found $2.40 for a carton of 12 at Koreana Grocery! Naiseee okay now everyone must be thinking I am uncool and cheap so I should shut up and proceed to talk about Nutella truffles instead! :D

The ingredients:
1 cup dark chocolate chips
4 tblsp of nutella
1 tblsp of honey
4 tblsp of cream cheese

To roll:
Cocoa powder
Icing sugar
Rainbow chocolate bits
White chocolate

Depending on the size of the chocolate balls that you roll, you can make up to 15 with this recipe! :)

Melt the dark chocolate chips in a microwave, stirring every 30 sec (If you do not like your chocolate too dark or bitter like me, throw in a couple of white chocolate squares)

Blend the cream cheese and honey before adding the nutella to the mixture and mix with a spatula

Add the melted chocolate to the bowl and blend until everything combines. Chill in the refrigerator for 30-40min and the mixture should be set enough for you to pick up and roll into balls

Meanwhile, prepare the coatings that you want and have fun rolling! :)

If you like your truffles to have a harder coating, melt some white chocolate or compound chocolate over hot boiling water but be careful to not let your chocolate burn!

Drop the chocolate balls in to coat and take it out as soon as possible before the heat from the melted chocolate melts the filling. Put the coated chocolate ball onto baking paper and it will cool to form a hard shell over. Warning: this makes the truffles super super sweet so think twice before you coat it ;) If not..enjoy!

Happy Valentines’ Day dear girls.. :) This is for you!

Anyway I had some pretty amazing Viet food today in Regency Park. Will be back to blog about it soon :)

Take my hand and we’ll make it
We’re half way there – Livin’ on a prayer :)

Adelaide Eats: Eggless Dessert Cafe on Goodwood Road

‘You mean you have never been to Eggless before??’

Yes I could hear the disbelief in the tone even though this was said over FB chat..

‘Well..Ive heard heaps about it but never had the transport to get there and the last few times I managed to get transport, it was already full house!’

That was my sheepish response

But my friend was nice enough to make sure I got to try the famous Eggless dessert cafe on Goodwood road before the week we rounded the family, made a reservation and went to check out if the cafe was as good as everyone claimed.

Durian Custard Cake $8 (v)- Vanilla sponge cake layered with durian & coconut custard & dressed with toasted coconut.

Hmmm..I love my durian and when I say love, I mean I am crazy over it. And I have had my share of awesome durian desserts/ice-cream and the not so good ones as well. Of course nothing beats the actual creamy texture of the fruit but when you are desperate and have cravings, sometimes the durian ice-cream from Melbourne’s Il Dolce Freddo or the Mao Shan Wang ice-cream from Udders in Singapore comes pretty close to satisfying it. But this custard cake did not quite make the cut :( There wasnt a distinct enough durian flavour and it did not help that I was with a table of durian lovers so that made us more particular and fussy… The sponge layers were soft and tasty though!

Black Sesame Creme Brulee $8– A fusion of the nutty roasted black sesame with rich cream, torched sugar & coconut roll

Very interesting mix..thought they managed to pull all the flavours together quite well :)

Eggless Tasting Platter (for 2) $19- 4 mini versions of Eggless’ February desserts

1. Black Sticky Rice Sundae (gf with vegan option available)- Vanilla ice cream (soy/dairy) topped with black sticky rice & toasted coconut

Not too bad..

2. Pandanmisu– Pandan cake soaked in subtle jasmine tea, then layered with pandan & cointreau mascarpone cream & coconut.

SUPER GOOD! OMGGGG okay I am biased because desserts that I like get more photography coverage ;) But this was oh so good! Not sure if it was the pandan or the jasmine tea or the mascarpone and coconut.. Perfect!

Check out the layers! Yums!

3. Lemongrass & Ginger Panna Cotta (gf)- Deliciously infused with lemongrass & ginger, this creamy & fragrant panna cotta is perfectly accompanied with pineapple & rambutan.

Very creamy, very smooth, very unique. Never had lemongrass with panna cotta before but it was a nice experience :)

4. Green Tea & White Chocolate Tart- Served with roasted Nectarines

And I am biased again because I LOVED THIS too!! :) :) Green tea and white chocolate.. WOW! While I do not like green tea flavoured items (I only like Green tea tea) this combination was TO DIE FOR!

Absolutely blown away!

Peach & Kaffir Lime Upsidedown Cake $8 (vegan option available)- Made with this season’s beautiful peaches & drenched with Kaffir lime syrup & served with vanilla ice cream (soy/dairy)

Hmmm my friend who ordered it didnt really like it. I thought it was quite ordinary especially after eating the above awesome two, it was hard to stand out :(

So Eggless is actually a vegan dessert cafe that serves all desserts (yes you’ve guessed it) eggless. How they maintain the consistency and texture of the desserts without eggs, I have no idea but they did an amazing job at it. They change their menu every month and come up with their own creations all the time. You can keep track of their new menu updates at and they only open between 8pm-11pm everyday (except for Monday and Tuesday). Reservations are only for groups of 6 and above so either you get a big group to there with you or you simply try your luck (Id recommend the former so you can order more desserts and have a taste of each of them! =P)

Verdict: As great as everyone described and MORE :D Im definitely coming back each month to try their different menus and you should too! :)

P.S. For the homesick Asians, they serve local delights such as Lotus & Red Bean Spring Rolls, Longan & Herbal Sweet Soup, Sago Pudding and Black Sticky Rice!

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162 Goodwood Road,
Goodwood SA 5034 Australia
08 8272 0777

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