Adelaide Eats: Star of Siam

Prior to this visit, I had only been to Star of Siam once last year with a huge group of people. Dont really remember what we ordered back then because there were too many dishes but I knew that every dish tasted real good so I wanted to bring Mummy here to try it. First time we went down, it was fully booked. Second time, it was closed. Third time, still no place. So for the fourth time I decided to call and make a reservation at 6pm. We reached there slightly early and some tables were already filled. What we also noticed was that every table in the restaurant had a ‘Reserved’ sign on it and by 6.30pm, the whole restaurant was bustling and full already.

So this was what we ordered…

Kaeng Ped Pet-Yang– Red curry of roast duck with lychee, pineapple, eggplant, tomato, capsicum and basil in coconut milk

Wasnt too bad, had heaps of boneless and tender duck meat pieces

Pad Thai– Fried rice noodles Thai style with prawn, ground peanut and chives.

The best pad thai in Adelaide I believe. It wasnt oily and tasted so good. Could have deceived me into thinking I was eating a really healthy dish ;)

Chef’s special: Whole Barramundi with Green Mango sauce

YUM YUM YUM! Omggg the chef had deboned the barramundi so it was like eating fillet. The mango was sweet and matched the fish so well. And the fish itself was oh so fresh. It helped that they had divided the fish into 2 as well! So one for Mummy and the other for me :)

DEFINITELY MUST make a reservation and it’s really worth it. The service was great too because they were nice enough to keep refilling my iced water (it was a 44 degree day and I was downing glass after glass) and they waited patiently for me to snap my photos before they ladled out the food onto our plates. Hee :D

67 Gouger Street, Adelaide
08 8231 3527

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Adelaide, Australia

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