Adelaide Eats: Concubine & the Shanghai Noon

For the number of times I have walked past this sign to go to Kowloon, countless. 2010 and 2009 best Chinese restaurant? I had to try it…

Tofu and Snowpea Sang Choi Bao Lettuce wraps- $9.90

Each of us was given a lettuce wrap to put the ingredients in to eat like popiah

Baby Soya, Bean Curd, Shitake mushroom & Chilli- $15.90

Not too bad..liked the colours of the dish and the flavours blended in pretty well

Crispy Duck with Sweet and Tangy Tamarind sauce- $24.90

Was only so-so..the sauce was good though

Salt & Pepper Whole Quail with Garlic & Fresh lime- $11.90

This was really really yummy! But the one baby quail between the 5 of us? Definitely not enough..

Whole Robarra Barramundi steamed with Ginger & Shallot- $32.90

The Barramundi wasnt very fresh..and it was not worth the 30min wait for it..

Best Chinese Restaurant? Well..the concept is a lot different from normal Chinese restaurants. Guess this is what they call fusion food? Portions were also too small so we had to keep ordering (which meant the bill kept going up as well). The service was impeccable though- very attentive and very efficient. Loved the decor of the place as well. Upstairs was beautiful! :) You can try it if you want! =P

132 Gouger St,  Adelaide
8212 8288

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Adelaide, Australia

2 Responses to Adelaide Eats: Concubine & the Shanghai Noon

  1. D says:

    Went here with a gf a few weeks back. Didn’t like it – thought it was too expensive and the food was just okay. Expected more considering the premium prices for Chinese food in Chinatown! :P

    • admin says:

      Agree about the price and I think my expectations shot up because it won the ‘Best Chinese Restaurant’ twice? A couple of hits and misses at this place and there are a lot more better Chinese restaurants out there to try! :)

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