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Recipe: Dark Chocolate Nutella Truffles

I like shopping in markets. While other girls enjoy window shopping in malls and buying clothes, I’d much prefer going to markets and looking at different ingredients or types of foods. Love wet markets, love hypermarts, love supermarkets :) Put me in a cake shop that sells different cupcake moulds, egg separators, cake tins or apple corers, I can stay there for hours wishing I had the money to buy everything. Yes I am that uncool. But I like being uncool… Anyhow today I found cheap eggs in Central market! The prices of eggs are very wide ranged in Adelaide. They can go as high as $5 for a small carton of 6 (free range) and everyone knows that the cheapest is $2.80 in O Connell’s Butchery. But today I found $2.40 for a carton of 12 at Koreana Grocery! Naiseee okay now everyone must be thinking I am uncool and cheap so I should shut up and proceed to talk about Nutella truffles instead! :D

The ingredients:
1 cup dark chocolate chips
4 tblsp of nutella
1 tblsp of honey
4 tblsp of cream cheese

To roll:
Cocoa powder
Icing sugar
Rainbow chocolate bits
White chocolate

Depending on the size of the chocolate balls that you roll, you can make up to 15 with this recipe! :)

Melt the dark chocolate chips in a microwave, stirring every 30 sec (If you do not like your chocolate too dark or bitter like me, throw in a couple of white chocolate squares)

Blend the cream cheese and honey before adding the nutella to the mixture and mix with a spatula

Add the melted chocolate to the bowl and blend until everything combines. Chill in the refrigerator for 30-40min and the mixture should be set enough for you to pick up and roll into balls

Meanwhile, prepare the coatings that you want and have fun rolling! :)

If you like your truffles to have a harder coating, melt some white chocolate or compound chocolate over hot boiling water but be careful to not let your chocolate burn!

Drop the chocolate balls in to coat and take it out as soon as possible before the heat from the melted chocolate melts the filling. Put the coated chocolate ball onto baking paper and it will cool to form a hard shell over. Warning: this makes the truffles super super sweet so think twice before you coat it ;) If not..enjoy!

Happy Valentines’ Day dear girls.. :) This is for you!

Anyway I had some pretty amazing Viet food today in Regency Park. Will be back to blog about it soon :)

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