Adelaide Eats: Eggless ROUND 2 March Menu

1st day that the March menu of Eggless is launched and Im standing at the entrance, waiting for a seat :) after one round of Cocolat and dinner before that. Yes Char, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. But it’s okay..all for the purpose of this blog right? So my indulgence is justified =D

Butterscotch Baked Apple $8– South Aussie Royal Gala apple stuffed with Pine Nuts, Sultanas & Butterscotch, baked till soft and accompanied with vanilla ice-cream

This was good! Not too sweet and the apple was baked just right. Coupled with the sultanas, butterscotch and ice-cream. Amazing combination!

Green Tea Tiramisu $8– A light tiramisu with an Asian twist. Sponge fingers soaked in subtle green tea then layered with marscapone & Grand Marnier cream

I was a little disappointed though because the last time I had the Pandan Tiramisu, it was awesome and really yummy. The Matcha taste was too distinct in this one but I guess if you do like green tea flavoured items, this one is for you :)

Will be back to try their tasting platter next! :)

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Eggless Dessert Cafe on Goodwood Road
162A Goodwood Road
Goodwood SA 5034
(08) 8272 0777

Adelaide, Australia

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