Recipe: Cinnamon Scrolls with Walnuts and Sultanas

Made these for Hello Adelaide. First time baking more than 50 portions of anything and the pressure was so high because strangers would be eating my scrolls and that would have been different from my nice friends who have been deceivingly encouraging me and telling me that everything I make tastes good. LOL! Anyway I decided to add walnuts/sultanas to the original recipe this time. Was deciding between both so I took a vote at Coles and everyone said sultanas but YX didnt like sultanas so I made another batch with walnuts instead! :)

The only difference between the last recipe here: and the one I did this time were the added nuts/raisins so they were kinda fatter when I rolled them up and cut them up PLUS I got smarter and used muffin foils instead so there was less washing to do! :D Anyhow, I think this batch tasted equally good if not better with an extra crunch! :) My housemates were my official tasters and gave their approval before we let the other Singaporeans at Hello Adelaide try them!

Check out the walnuts in the layers!! I like.. :)

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  1. Ray says:

    I’m impressed!

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