Adelaide Eats: Eastern Garden Chinese Restaurant

Sunday yum char on Greenhill Road..

My usual Prawn Rolls.. Still prefer Citi Zen’s! Because the dough is a lot thinner and melts in your mouth. The prawns were also bigger..

Prawn Dumplings. Not very nice either :(

Deep Fried Lobster Dumplings

This was yummy with a nice big prawn in the middle

Deep Fried Beancurd in Black Bean Sauce

Tasty black bean sauce with a prawn on the top of your beancurd..

And of course Custard Tarts which ticked the boxes for a crispy crust and sweet custard. Would have been better if they were brought to our table from the oven though. Had to eat it cold.. :(


I still prefer Citi Zen for yum char though trying a new place once in a while is a nice change. This place is also really crowded so if you come without a booking, you will be relegated to waiting outside in the cold for a place while they set a table for you if there is even still place in the restaurant even if you come at 11am when it first starts (which we did). Total bill came up to $36.40 which was not too bad :)

351 Greenhill Road, Toorak Gardens
Toorak Gardens, 5065
(08) 8332 2255

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Adelaide, Australia

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