The Chocolate Bar at MBS Level 57

Had a great day today. Spent it with mum in church, walking around Orchard with her, having lunch and just chatting. I really really missed her.. And then it was off to meet Gayle for MBS. But before that I knew she HAD to try my favourite macarons from TWG and I had a really pleasant surprise when I reached there because of the familiar faces whom I havent seen since Dec when I went with Maine. We had a nice chat to catch up and I got my usual 10% discount for the macarons! How awesome was that? Gotta love TWG! So I got her my favourite 6 flavours minus the Rose Tea and the Moroccan Mint and I really hope you like it dear!

So back to the main point of this post- I have been DYING to try this chocolate buffet since I heard about it back in Jan and this time with a fellow chocolate fan/ addict Miss Gayle Lim, we were awfully awfully excited that we rocked up at 7.30pm (1/2 hr early) and were told to take a walk around and come back later. Anyway I will just let the many (and I mean MANY) photos do the talking because you HAVE to try it to fully understand how much in heaven we both were after this evening. $38++ free flow of desserts/ chocolates/ cookies and good quality fondant + free entry to the skydeck at level 57? Best night ever back home yet! Im sold and Im on a sugar high especially after going 40 days without chocolate and dessert, I broke fast this evening in a huge way. It was truly intense.

The awesome spread of 57 different desserts- Im proud to say we conquered at least 50 + seconds of the ones we really enjoyed. Didnt try the coffee and mint flavoured ones though! The photos arent as great as I would have liked them to be because the lighting of the restaurant was really dim but I tried my best to capture them together with their signs so I hope you enjoy the visual feast!

P.S. Ive placed a * next to the MUST TRIES!

Fruits of the Orchard Compote and Mission Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding and Assorted Fruits with Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Cream Cheese Tarts and White Chocolate Cremeux Mango Compote*

Milk Chocolate Cappuccino and Black Pepper Chocolate Mousse Coriader Cream Pineapple

Churros Con Chocolate and After Eight

Mango Mousse with Mangos* and Chocolate Pisatchio & Cherry

Caramel Milk Chocolate Tarts* and White Chocolate Apricot Tarts*

Chocolate Donuts and Brownies* (BEST EVER!!)

Chocolate Profiteroles and Assorted Cookies

Chocolate Financiers and more Assorted Cookies

67% Ganache* and Spiced Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts

Pralines and White Chocolate with Peanut Butter*

Warm Chocolate Fondant*

And..just a sample of the many rounds we had (for the ones I didnt take the displays of because we couldnt resist starting) Gayle has the photos of us at every round and how our face literally expanded after each full plate. You can see them on FB once she uploads them!

Chocolate Nougat Torte, White Chocolate Pear – Torte, Opera Torte, Cheesecake Lollipop*, Chocolate & Basil Tomato – Strawberry Confit

Pear-Walnut Macarons*, Elderflower Macarons, White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie

Strawberry – White Chocolate Ganache Lychee Panna Cotta*, White Chocolate – Pistachio & Five Spice Pear Baskets

The view of the Sky Deck which we got complimentary that would otherwise cost you $20!

The Chocolate Bar
The Club at Marina Bay Sands
Hotel Tower 2
6688 8858


8 Responses to The Chocolate Bar at MBS Level 57

  1. blablastar says:

    What a place! Infinity pool and all? Looks like you’re having a fantastic time back in Singapore. (:

  2. reen says:

    Charleen! I didint know you were fasting from chocolates & desserts!
    My friend is too!
    Cant wait to read about the other places in Sg you’re going.
    Btw, Have you heard of Black sheep cafe in Sg.
    I heard a reservation is needed though :)


    • gninethree says:

      Hey dear,
      Yeah! Ive heard about it! :) It’s like no frills good French food right? Was planning to go there last hols but forgot about it! Will keep it mind this time! Let you know if I do go! Thanks for the reminder! xx

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  5. adel says:

    I want to try this chocolate buffet at height for the longest time, hope it’s done by the end of 2012, cheers!

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