Loysel’s Toy Cafe- The Coffee Crafters

Xin really made me work hard for my food. We made our way here from The Black Sheep Cafe in Bugis and my it was a walk from Lavender station. The heat and the sun did not help much, I would recommend driving or cabbing next time which is what I would do. Anyway this is another new cafe in Singapore that recently opened that is well known for their coffee- Papa Palheta. Xin says their coffee is really good and I trust her taste since she is quite fussy and I cannot judge because Im not a coffee person at all :) So I’ll just attack their desserts.

So 2 little (okay maybe not so little) pigs reached this place in the sweltering heat, ready to get a seat and enjoy the nice air-conditioning. But the area where the ordering counter was, had only about 5 tables which were ALL taken up! It was so crowded! Luckily the seating area extended to the foyer in front and behind the place so basically this cafe does have huge seating capacity but the foyer is al fresco style. So since I could not get air-condition, I was determined to make the most out of my visit here and I told Xin ‘This better be worth it! Or I will be a very grumpy girl!

Round I

Chocolate Cake– Simple and light. When we arrived, there was just one slice left on display and Xin was like ‘Hurry hurry! Oh no, I hope no one in front of us orders it!’ We make it just in time and order the last slice being awfully pleased with ourselves. 5 min later, the lady takes out a whole new cake to be put on display.. Sigh, anti-climax

Carrot Cake

Loved how the frosting was in the middle of the cake instead of the top. The cake itself was fluffy and the carrot taste was so subtle and the entire cake was not too sweet. Loved it :)

Homemade Oreo Cookie

I was just amused at how big this cookie was. They got the icing taste down right to a T! Tasted like the actual Oreo. Though the cookie part could have been a lot more chewy and not that hard!

7 Seasons Oolong Tea– Yes I came to a coffee place to drink tea

Im a tea person. I absolutely love my tea but I dont really bother about the whole brewing process so when the waiter told me to let the tea set for another 2min, pour it into the cup on the right, swirl it around then pour it into the drinking cup.  I was getting impatient but I decided to give the tea a chance. The whole process was so worth it though! Never had such aromatic and good Oolong tea.

Round II

Xin- Hey if you’re still hungry, go check out the counter
Me- (looks guiltily back and says) I can if you can..
Xin- (stares at me as if that was the stupidest question ever)
Me- Okok, you’re such a bad influence on me

I went off and thank God the Lemon Tart was oos if not I would have ordered way too much..

Almond Crossiant

BEST ALMOND CROISSANT EVER! Especially after they toasted it in the oven. Enough said :)

Chocolate Banana Tart

Break the crust and molten chocolate flows out together with slices of banana. Yummy goodness :)

Come early because this place serves breakfast as well. Come too late and the desserts run out. We went at 3pm and it was PACKED! Not sure if this was because it was a Saturday but one thing is for sure, this place is definitely worth travelling to. The service was pretty awesome as well even though they were so busy and it was so crowded. Everyone serving or at the counter remained so cheerful and smiley. It made waiting for your turn in line a really pleasant experience :)

66 Kampong Bugis #01-01
Tel: +65 9451 0236

Operating Hours:
Tue to Fri 9am – 6pm
Sat & Sun 9am – 7.30pm


4 Responses to Loysel’s Toy Cafe- The Coffee Crafters

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  2. Christine says:

    Hi ! Can I ask where’s the exact location?

    • gninethree says:

      Hey Christine, I dont quite know how to explain it..have you tried googlemaps? I remember taking a train to Lavender and walking quite a bit (my friend was leading me) before we crossed a road and reached a warehouse..it’s located at the ‘void deck’ of the warehouse..Im sorry I cant be more useful ><

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