Adelaide Eats: Wasai Japanese Kitchen


I have been in love with this place since the first time I stepped in exactly one year ago and since then, I have been ordering almost the same thing EVERY TIME! Which is…

ABURI SALMON ROLL $10.80! Comes in plates of 6. I had 2 plates by myself. Thank you very much. Dont judge me. It’s that awesome. Aburi means that the slices of salmon are first lightly seared and then topped on a rice roll which has a seaweed sheet, avocado, crab meat and mayo inside.

Yakiniku Hot Pot

Seafood Hot Pot

Rice and egg that comes with the hot pot :)

This place is well known for their sashimi as well but we werent such sashimi fans. HOWEVER next week, when we come here again with my housemates and car car (all 3 of which love sashimi), I’ll have nice photos of the cool sashimi boat for you guys! :)

P.S. MUST MUST make reservations or it’ll definitely be a wasted trip down because it’ll be full house! ;)

2nd visit back to Wasai HERE! :D

3rd visit once again HERE! :D

15 Field St
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8221 6606

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Adelaide, Australia

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  1. song says:

    E.N.V.Y :(

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