Adelaide Eats: Vego & Love’n It

Am so sorry for the lack of updates :( Have been trying to juggle uni, school work, being a good host to Jie as well as helping her arrange her project meetings. Have not been sleeping much every day :( Which explains why I might look a little grumpy if you see me but Im not complaining because nothing means more than having Car Car with me!! :D:D

Xin and Bernard brought me to this place back in July last year and I was surprised how long I had been walking up and down Rundle Street without noticing its existence! :) It’s a little shop that you can only gain access via a really narrow staircase and if you walk too fast, you might miss the staircase! This place is handled by the owners only which means that if it gets crowded during lunch time (like everyday), the owner can just decide to lock the front door and no one else can come in except to leave the place because he is too short-handed! But he can afford to do that, his food is that good!

The Absolutely Fabulous Burger (half-serve) $7.50

Spicy burger on round roll, with hummus, avocado, chilli sauce, tomatoes, fresh capsicums, carrot, tahini and mixed lettuce leaves

Gourmet Tofu Burger (half-serve) $7.50

Burger on roll, filled with olive paste, sundried tomato, avocado, chilli and tahini

The burgers come in full serves as well but half serve was more than enough for Jie since I had to help her finish half of her half on top of my share! She says they should serve them in 1/4 serves instead. Anyhow, definitely value of money and I can turn vegetarian for this place. Yes, it’s that good :)

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Level 1, 240 Rundle St
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8223 7411

Vego & Love'n It on Urbanspoon

Adelaide, Australia

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