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Durian Fiesta 2011 @ Goodwood Park Hotel

The reason why I insist on flying home every winter break- DURIAN SEASON!! :)

From 28 May to 17 July 2011, Goodwood Hotel offers a few options for you to enjoy their Durian Fiesta

  • $26.80++ per person (Dessert Buffet with Durian Pastries only)
  • $20.80++ per person (Top-up with any a la carte menu order)
  • $39.80++ per adult (Taiwan Porridge a la carte buffet also includes the dessert buffet with durian pastries)
  • $35++ for a 4-course “Design Your Own” Local Degustation Menu with the dessert buffet and durian pastries and $39++ for a 5-course meal.

Mum and I chose the 4 course “Design Your Own” Local Degustation Menu. So these were our courses:

Both of us chose Nonya Kueh Pie Tee for starters

Mum’s Hainanese Chicken Rice

And Char Kway Teow

My Fish Curry served with Roti Prata

And Prawn Noodle Soup

Onto my favourite part of the meal- the dessert buffet! Here are a few of my rounds
(I gave up taking photos after a while :X)

Durian Mousse Cake, Durian Puff, Banana Peanut Cake, Durian Pancake

Apple Jealousy, Frosted Carrot Cake and Pineapple Crumble Tart

Crunchy Chocolate Cake, Pandan Praline Cake, Pumpkin Berry Tart

Durian Orea Cake, various Nonya Kueh

Durian Pudding, Barley Ginko Nut Soup with Quail’s egg

If youre as crazy over durians as I am then you definitely have to make a trip down. Quite a number of people around us ordered the Taiwan Porridge Ala Carte Buffet and the dishes looked really good so maybe I’ll try that the next time I go down. But I had a really good time stuffing myself silly with durian desserts :) though I did feel a little ill after :( That’s for overeating when you have yet to fully recover. Rahhhh

Goodwood Park Hotel,
22, Scotts Road, Singapore 228221.
Tel: +65 6737 7411

Adelaide Eats: Devour Dessert Bar

Fi made a reservation for us to celebrate the end of exams and semester 1!

And I only have 1 complaint about this place- this place has absolutely no light! How can you eat without seeing what you are eating! I am just annoyed because my camera takes pretty crappy photos under inadequate light as well :( Booo so I apologise for the quality of my photos in this post BUT apart from that, everything from now on about Devour is going to be complimentary because the desserts here were nothing but fantastic.

There were 6 items on the menu and we ordered 5 of them..

Chocolate fondant, peanut butter ice-cream, rhubarb and vanilla ice-cream $12

Toasted custard brulee on chocolate hazelnut slice and pineapple sorbet $12

Lemon meringue pie and sherbert marshmallows $10

Chocolate donuts with salted chocolate fudge, honeycomb and raspberry sundae $12

Mandarin souffle and vanilla bean ice-cream $12

Well, this place was able to hold its own amidst the many many new dessert places springing up recently such as Steven ter Horst Chocolatier, Aviary Dessert Kitchen and Patisserie Jin. We all thought that every item was really unique in their own way though we each had our favourite one. Definitely worth a trip down to try their menu because they bring a different twist to whatever descriptions that may sound even remotely normal. Just be prepared that the lighting in this place is really quite sparse. But apart from that.. 5 ***** :)

96 Prospect Road
Prospect, 5082
(04) 1153 6343

Devour Dessert Bar on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Gallery on Waymouth

We walked all the way here from Steven ter Horst Chocolatier which roughly took us about 45min? It was such a spontaneous decision to come here but Im glad we did because the decor of the entire place was really a piece of art :) We got a couple of tapas to share because the desserts were still weighing a little heavily on the tummy so these were what we tried!

Gallery Share Plate $29.90– Tempura prawns, kangaroo medallions, pork balls, chorizo and chilli dipping sauce

Tortilla Omelette $10.90

Morton Bay Bugs $9.90– Crumbed and served with tempura prawns, wasabi aioli, tomato and baby celery

30 Waymouth street
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8211 8820

Gallery on Waymouth on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Steven ter Horst Chocolatier

Chocolate has always and will always be the best medicine and form of therapy. Coupled with girlfriends and heart 2 hearts, winning combination of the night.

Chocolate Truffle Tart $6.70– Luscious dark chocolate truffle ganache over a base of crunchy hazelnut praline, served with berry coulis

Salted Caramel Truffle Tart $5.90– Chocolate truffle ganache layered over salted caramel

Hazelnut Heaven $7.70– Praline mousse with vanilla currant bavaroise centre and crunchy gianduia and hazelnut base

Lemon Lust $7.70– Lemon mousse dome with praline cream centre and cocoa sponge

We were also fortunate enough to meet the amazing geniuses behind these super delicious and decadent creations- Steven and Chantelle.

Definitely recommend coming here and according to Steven, they change the menu regularly to keep the customers satisfied so do check it out! It’s worth the trip. Anyway, the three of us had the most epic walk from here (Unley Road) all the way to Gallery on Waymouth Street, where we had dinner after the satisfying desserts :) Anyway Im off to bed now. I need my sleep. Today has been both mentally and physically exhausting…

Hyde Park/Goodwood
221d Unley Rd Malvern
Malvern, 5061

Steven ter Horst Chocolatier on Urbanspoon

Recipe: Oil and Butter Free Banana Cake

I need a food post soon. Ive been shuffling between home, uni library and my bed so often, Ive hardly the time to try a new cafe/restaurant. So anyhow, here’s another recipe post because Mable gave me her remaining banana from her amazing Banana Caramel pie she made for her CBL group.


  • 1 Ripe banana, mashed
  • 1/2 C Unsweetened apple sauce
  • 2 Whole eggs
  • 1/4 C Soy/regular milk
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1.5 C All-purpose flour
  • 1/2 C Brown sugar
  • 1/2 C White sugar
  • 1/2 Tsp Baking powder
  • 1 Tsp Ground cinnamon


1.  Mash ripe banana and applesauce together until the mixture is uniform
2.  Add eggs, milk and vanilla extract to fruit mixture.
3.  Add flour, sugar, baking powder and spices to wet ingredients.  Mix until just combined.
4.  Pour batter in a 8 x 8 pan that has been sprayed with nonstick spray.
5.  Bake at 170°C for 25-30 minutes or until center is just cooked through.

Let it cool in pan and remove to cut

Sprinkle with powdered sugar, if desired!