PS. Cafe @ Harding Road (Dempsey)

So we took a cab here from Casa Verde because we were craving for good old chocolate desserts and PS. Cafe never fails to deliver in their desserts. It’s like a fail proof go-to place whenever one has a dessert craving.

*NEW* PS. Chocolate Mousse (made with 72% Valrhona Chocolate) $14.90

Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie served with Vanilla ice-cream

Check out the many pecans in the layers!

Though the desserts here are always awesome, prices are a little on the hefty side. Total bill for 2 desserts and 2 teas came up to $50.81 which was more expensive than dinner ($43). So while I really do love PS. Cafe with their food, delish cakes and pretty ambiance, cant afford to go there as often as I would like to! :(

T:(+65) 6479 3343


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