Seafood Paradise by The Paradise Group

SUPER VALUE SET LUNCH- $27 nett for 3-4 persons

Dad brought us here for lunch one day because he had an office thing here once before and he thought 1) the deal was pretty good 2) the food had standard!

You get to pick from 3 categories of vegetables, egg and fish! These were our choices!

Sambal Kang Kong

Pan-fried Omelette with Preserved Turnip and Chilli Padi

And…I saved the best for last!My favourite…

Nyonya Fish Head

You can tell where I get my tongue for spicy food from! :) All the dishes we picked were spicy ones. My family is huge on chilli and spices. But dont worry there are non-spicy dishes as well on the menu. Anyway the food was pretty good! I was impressed! You would definitely have to pay more + GST and service charge for this sort of standard anywhere else.. mind you, it’s part of the Paradise Group as well! Only problem is that it is a little out of the way, if not…it’d be perfect :)

Senja-Cashew Community Centre 
101 Bukit Panjang Road
Singapore 679910


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