Adelaide Eats: The Crepe’s Story

Rundle mall’s newest bright and pink addition! Walking down the mall, past Southern Cross, you definitely wont miss this little bright luminous pink store unless you are colour-blind! Hee

Decided to try one cold and one hot crepe..

So Triple Mango Dream was chosen…

And…Banana with Hot Nutella!

Hmmm..the crepes were not as enticing as the display counters looked but the counter girls were certainly very welcoming and helpful as they even teach you how to peel off the cone as you slowly make your way through the crepe so hopefully you wouldnt get any onto your fingers (I got plenty onto mine. Epic fail) Anyhow it isnt a MUST TRY but something worth trying when you are along Rundle Mall and need a quick sugar fix or warm nutella fix. Their menu is pretty extensive too by the way so you can check it out yourself! :)

21-23 Rundle Mall
Adelaide, 5000

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Adelaide, Australia

5 Responses to Adelaide Eats: The Crepe’s Story

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  2. Tiffany says:

    Saw this shop for the first time today. It is too cute. I really want to try the banana and Nutella crepe!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Well I have The Crepe’s Story to thank for finding your awesome blog! My partner and I have since decided that we want to try eating our way through all the places in Adelaide that you recommend. We decided this after dining at Wasai, which was amazing. I cannot wait to go back. We’s also done Elephant Walk Cafe. The banana waffles and vienna mocha were very good, but I loved the setup of the cafe most of all. Today, we finally got to try Burger Theory!

    • gninethree says:

      :) :) Wow! Your comment really made my day :) Yes burger theory was omggg amazingggg! Im glad you got to try it as well as Wasai! :) Have heaps of fun eating your way through the different places and always feel free to drop me a comment if you’ve tried a good place that I havent tried before! xxx

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