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$12 Nett Set Lunch at The ART (Assumption Restaurant for Training)

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The Assumption Restaurant for Training, also known as The ART, was launched in April 2011 within the premise of Assumption Pathway School (APS).

The training restaurant provides a realistic working environment for APS’ students from ISC in Food Preparation and Service and the ISC in Baking Practices course to practice the skills and knowledge learnt as an extension of the main curriculum. It is also a platform to enhance training in the event that some students are not ready to be employed either in terms of confidence or request by parents due to their young age.

The ART is a semi-fine dining restaurant with al fresco option which serves Western and Asian cuisines, with plans to expand their offering in the near future.

30 Cashew Road,
Singapore 679697

Opening hours:
The training restaurant is open to public daily from 12pm to 2pm (during school term).

Reservations can be made by phone to (+65) 6892 6187 during school days from 11am to 2pm or to (+65) 6879 3900 during office hours, at least 2 days before your reservation.

Travel: 5 Best Brunch Places in Adelaide

So apart from desserts, breakfast is the no. 1 meal for me. Love a good start to the day and love waking up early for a good breakfast meal with friends! So here’s my list of my favourite brekkie and brunch places in Adelaide.

1. Queen Street Cafe in Croydon
12 Elizabeth St, Croydon 5008

Must tries are Avocado, Black pepper, Lime on Dark Rye with Crispy Speck and Blue Swimmer Crab Omelette with Fresh herbs

2. Zest Cafe Gallery
2A Sussex Street, Glenelg SA 5045

Travel: 5 Best Dessert Places In Adelaide

It’s a well known fact that I have a major sweet tooth. Chocolates, cakes, ice-cream- you name it, Id probably love them. Anyway a few people have been asking me where the best dessert places in Adelaide are, so I have decided to compile a list of my favourite sweet places in this city. And since this is my list, it’s also based on my opinions so you probably may or may not agree with me but to each its own.

Right at the top of the list at No. 1 for me is good old CHOCOLATE BEAN
18 Union Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven
Chocolate Bean Round 2!

Nobody makes chocolate the way Chocolate Bean does. Love everything about their desserts, the coziness of the cafe and the friendliness of the staff. Maybe Im just biased because of its super convenient location. This is a favourite with the housemates and I! Must tries here are the Indulgence Plate, Chocolate Filth and their cakes on display.

227 The Parade, Norwood 5067

Adelaide Eats: Taj Tandoor

I think all the meds I had been taking every day were starting to affect my taste buds :$ Really needed a spicy kick so it was off the Taj Tandoor just 5 min away…

Roti $3– Stone ground wholemeal bread
Garlic Naan $3.50– Naan with fresh garlic

Alu Gobhi $15.50– A punjabi favourite of cauliflower, and potatoes cooked in the wok with onions, fresh herbs and spices

Beef Vindaloo $19.90– A very hot and sour goan preparation of beef with hot chillies and vinegar

Seafood Platter $22.80

Food wasnt that great though we all agreed that the garlic naan was well flavoured and delish :) The beef vindaloo was tender but not spicy enough. The fish and the prawns in the seafood platter were fresh and well marinated.. However, I did think that the portions were a little small for the prices…Not a must try but did satisfy a little Indian food craving especially when it is too cold to travel further…

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290 Rundle St
Adelaide 5000
(08) 8359 2066

Taj Tandoor on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Seoul Korean One More Time!

Back to Seoul Korean one fine day because (a) I wanted Korean food (b) did not want to travel too far i.e. all the way to Chinatown and (c) wanted a place that I knew would definitely not disappoint :)

Free appetizers…

Chicken Cutlet Curry $14.90– Curry over rice with chicken cutlet

Jap Chae $12.90– Stir fried clear potato noodles with beef and vegetables

YUM YUM YUM! A new find and oh so delicious!! :)

Soft Tofu Hot Pot $14.90– Spicy red chili stew with soft tofu, clams, vegetables and egg

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Seoul Korean Restaurant

65 Hyde St
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8223 5563