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Adelaide Eats: Eggless Dessert Cafe (Oct Menu)

Back to Eggless after 7 months! Got distracted in between trying out other dessert places :) Anyhow came here last night for a friend’s 22nd and basically just ordered 6/10 items off the menu to share!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
Layers of chocolate, peanut butter cream cheese and biscuit crust.

Honey & Pomegranate Crème Brulee
A sweet & blissful marriage of honey, rich cream, burnt sugar & the red jewels of pomegranate

Passionfruit & Lychee Panna Cotta (gf)
Creamy passionfruit panna cotta accompanied by delicious lychee passionfruit syrup & lychees

Hot Chocolate Chai

Pear & Cinnamon Honey Cheesecake
Honey & cinnamon infused baked cheesecake topped with poached pears

Turkish Delight Ice cream(v)
Rose scented ice cream with Turkish delight, pistachios & topped with Persian fairy floss

Green Tea Tiramisu
A light Tiramisu with an Asian twist. Sponge fingers soaked in subtle green tea then layered with mascarpone & Grand Marnier cream.

Final verdict? Eggless never fails to deliver as usual in both taste and presentation ;) Im sold!

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162 Goodwood Road,
Goodwood SA 5034 Australia
08 8272 0777

Adelaide Eats: Buskers Restaurant

Post OSCEs lunch at 3pm brought the very much starving 4 of us to Buskers!

Salmon Scramble with Spinach and Pita Bread- $13.50

Eggs Benedict $14

Seafood and Chorizo Risotto $19

Pasta Of The Day- Linguine with Chilli, Olives and Anchovies $15

Chocolate Cake $4.50– Definite favourite with the table, not too sweet and just right.

Service was relatively slow but we all thought that presentation of the food was very pretty. Taste wise..wasnt too bad but was not that fantastic either. However, for a restaurant located right smack in the middle of Rundle Mall with a tiny kitchen (the other side of the mall is Briccone), Buskers did a relatively good job at serving up a decent lunch for the starving tummies we all had. Loved the fact that you can ‘people-watch’ whilst eating at the restaurant as well!

Stall 6, Rundle Mall
Adelaide, SA 5000

Buskers Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Korea Restaurant

This was actually the very first Korean BBQ restaurant I had visited in Adelaide when Uncle Mark and Aunty Amy first brought dad, mum and I here in first year during O week! So when I was brought here this evening, I was like ‘Hey this place is super familiar! I have been here before! And so I have…LOL!’

Friday night Korean BBQ dinner :)

Free sides…

My BBQ essentials- chilli! The chilli paste had an adequate spicy level so I was happy :)

We both ordered Set C $18 for Beef + Seafood Combination + free flow of rice + soup + sides

And let the BBQ-ing begin… :D

I came out smelling like smoke! Omgg but $18 was pretty worth it for the set. Service was excellent and it’s conveniently located opposite Eggless so you can enjoy dinner and then dessert after. Unless of course you forget to make a reservation which we did today and failed to get a seat!

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133 Goodwood Road
Goodwood, SA 5034

Korea on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Cherry Blossom Sushi

To be honest we werent planning to eat here at all..after having an awesome nap (supposed to have been studying), we decided to head out for lunch to Nanyang Cafe for good old warm Chinese food because the wind was mad chilly. But! The entire arcade wasnt open since it was a Sunday..Cherry Blossom then became the next alternative because it was the nearest to uni and I was practically starving already so naturally I didnt want to walk any further…

So..that’s how we ended up here. I have walked past this shop millions of times but just never went in..I think the only Japanese places I trust in Adelaide is Wasai and maybe Sushi Train, the rest seem a little dodgy. Hee. Anyhow there wasnt a lot of sushi left on display so we both settled for their bento sets.

Salmon Teriyaki $10.50

Crumbed Fish $8.50

Maybe I was really hungry but my salmon tasted really really good. Crisp and well fried. The teriyaki sauce was a nice mix as well. I didnt like the veggies though because it had cucumbers mixed with it so it went to the friend’s plate instead. I tried the crumbed fish and it was good too! Nicely crumbed with the bread crumbs, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Even the seaweed as the side dish was yummy. My only complain is that the rice did not taste like Japanese rice :( Not acceptable for a Japanese place!! Anyhow overall experience turned out a lot better than expected. It was off to uni for another attempt to study after being well fed :D

Shop 5, 21 Pulteney St
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8232 8179

Cherry Blossom Sushi on Urbanspoon

Adelaide Eats: Back To Vego & Definitely Love’n It!

Curry & Loven It (half-serve) $7.50– One hot chilli burger, brinjal relish, fresh tomato, avocado, cucumber, carrot, tahini, lettuce and mixed sprouts + mango relish (and of course I got the cucumbers removed and requested for sun-dried tomatoes instead :D)

Gourmet Tofu Burger (half-serve) $7.50– Burger on roll, filled with olive paste, sundried tomato, avocado, chilli and tahini

Green Tea with Lemongrass (pot for 2) $3.50

So the total bill came up to less than $20 for both of us for a very hearty meal :) I think I have just found my new favourite burger here at Vego..the Curry burger was amazingggg especially with the mango relish! Yum tum tum :D Oh soo good! I have no idea what they added in the patty either but the mixed spices certainly gave it a great spicy kick and of course the gourmet tofu burger is always a classic :) Thought that the green tea with lemongrass was an excellent blend too! Couldnt have asked for a better afternoon with yummy and cheap food and fantastic company :D

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Level 1, 240 Rundle St
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8223 7411