Adelaide Eats: Cherry Blossom Sushi

To be honest we werent planning to eat here at all..after having an awesome nap (supposed to have been studying), we decided to head out for lunch to Nanyang Cafe for good old warm Chinese food because the wind was mad chilly. But! The entire arcade wasnt open since it was a Sunday..Cherry Blossom then became the next alternative because it was the nearest to uni and I was practically starving already so naturally I didnt want to walk any further…

So..that’s how we ended up here. I have walked past this shop millions of times but just never went in..I think the only Japanese places I trust in Adelaide is Wasai and maybe Sushi Train, the rest seem a little dodgy. Hee. Anyhow there wasnt a lot of sushi left on display so we both settled for their bento sets.

Salmon Teriyaki $10.50

Crumbed Fish $8.50

Maybe I was really hungry but my salmon tasted really really good. Crisp and well fried. The teriyaki sauce was a nice mix as well. I didnt like the veggies though because it had cucumbers mixed with it so it went to the friend’s plate instead. I tried the crumbed fish and it was good too! Nicely crumbed with the bread crumbs, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Even the seaweed as the side dish was yummy. My only complain is that the rice did not taste like Japanese rice :( Not acceptable for a Japanese place!! Anyhow overall experience turned out a lot better than expected. It was off to uni for another attempt to study after being well fed :D

Shop 5, 21 Pulteney St
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8232 8179

Cherry Blossom Sushi on Urbanspoon

Adelaide, Australia

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  1. The chain was opened and managed by Chinese people and I think that’s where things went wrong with the rice.

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