Adelaide Eats: Korea Restaurant

This was actually the very first Korean BBQ restaurant I had visited in Adelaide when Uncle Mark and Aunty Amy first brought dad, mum and I here in first year during O week! So when I was brought here this evening, I was like ‘Hey this place is super familiar! I have been here before! And so I have…LOL!’

Friday night Korean BBQ dinner :)

Free sides…

My BBQ essentials- chilli! The chilli paste had an adequate spicy level so I was happy :)

We both ordered Set C $18 for Beef + Seafood Combination + free flow of rice + soup + sides

And let the BBQ-ing begin… :D

I came out smelling like smoke! Omgg but $18 was pretty worth it for the set. Service was excellent and it’s conveniently located opposite Eggless so you can enjoy dinner and then dessert after. Unless of course you forget to make a reservation which we did today and failed to get a seat!

Other Korean BBQ Places:
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133 Goodwood Road
Goodwood, SA 5034

Korea on Urbanspoon

Adelaide, Australia

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  1. imkrystell says:

    AMAZING!! i am jealous XD

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