Adelaide Eats: East End Yiros

Newly opened yiros cafe at Grenfell Street..barely 1 month old. We trudged here after staring at pathpots for the last 2.5 hrs and took off our labcoats (hopefully never to have to wear them again) before proceeding here to ‘celebrate’. Actually we were just starving and needed fast food literally…

We ordered the Mixed Grill $32– mix of shashlik, 2 chevapchichis and combo of yiros meet + 2 salads

Our Four Beans and Potatos Salads

Thought the chicken and lamb were well grilled..was not such a big fan of the pork though (had problems trying to chew it because it was too tough). By the way I always thought yiros were mainly lamb and chicken… Anyhow this place is like really really near our house so Im not complaining :D Convenient and fast food!

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224 Grenfell St
Adelaide SA 5000
(08) 8223 3424

East End Yiros on Urbanspoon

Adelaide, Australia

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