Adelaide Eats: Ajisen Ramen

Because a hot bowl of spicy ramen is mandatory after sitting for a three hour paper!

Chasyu Ramen $11– Ramen served with extra chasyu,egg and vegetables

Volcano Ramen $11– Ramen served with chasyu, egg and vegetables in spicy sauce

Chargrilled Beef Ramen with added Volcano Sauce $12.50 + $1.50– Ramen served with chargrilled beef, egg and vegetables

One last look at my favourite combination- amazingly done chargrilled beef and oh so delish volcano sauce :D :D :D

Is it just me or does Ajisen Ramen actually taste better in Adelaide than in Singapore? Somehow the soup is a lot tastier and the availability of volcano sauce just makes it so amazing (especially when you slurp the soup up on a cold day!) :D

Shop 35, Regent Arcade
Adelaide SA 5000
08 8232 9368

Ajisen Ramen on Urbanspoon

Adelaide, Australia

One Response to Adelaide Eats: Ajisen Ramen

  1. I can’t really tell the differences between the soups. I think the soup here in Adelaide is the same as the ones I had in Japan and Hongkong.: )

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