Adelaide Eats: Star House

Move over Citi Zen..I think I just found my new favourite Yum Char place in Adelaide! So Ive had a few dim sim scares in Adelaide with really thick chang fen skin, bad har gao and dry custard tarts hence Im a little wary of trying new places for yum char and usually just stick to the safe places like Cafe Kowloon, Citi Zen or Eastern Garden! But I have been hearing some good things about Star House and since mum was up for trying new places, we ventured here for Sunday brunch.

Needless to say, the place was packed (common knowledge in Adelaide that if you do not make a reservation for Yum Char on a Sunday, you can forget about getting a place!) but we were lucky that there were only 3 of us, so they managed to squeeze us into a corner table and simply added a chair. Usually with a corner table in a super crowded restaurant, you’d expect to be neglected and have to keep calling the waitresses/waiters for your orders BUT things were so different here. All the servers were so polite and cheerful despite being so busy and have to cater to all the customers’ requests, we did not feel one bit neglected and service was really much to be commended upon. The dim sim dishes too were really authentic and oh so yummy, I do not really have any complaints about any dish. Star house is now my go to place for Yum Char!

Char Shau Bao and Egg Custards are a MUST TRY here!


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39 Gouger St
Adelaide, SA 5000
08 8221 6303

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Adelaide, Australia

3 Responses to Adelaide Eats: Star House

  1. I had heard good things about Star House , so I went there for yum cha. It was soooo full and soooo warm. I felt very cramped and uncomfortable. The food was ok…I probably didn’t pay much attention to it because of the sweat running down my legs! :(

    • gninethree says:

      Oh dear :( :( Maybe try going on a weekday next time instead so it’ll be less crowded? I think I got lucky then because some of the middle tables did look quite cramped :( But I liked the food :)

  2. Yes, I think a week day would be better. I went on a Saturday. I was at one of the middle tables and the waiter was always leaning across me to give food to the middle table next to me. But yes, the food is good:)

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