Adelaide Eats: Mamak Corner

Meet the newest Malaysian kid on the block on Bank Street, just off Hindley! Mamak Corner is barely one month old and already it has become the talk of the town amongst the Asians. So it was off to see what the hype was all about and the following items were shared between only 3 of us!

Curry Fish with Rice $10.80

Curry Chicken with Rice $8.80 (best curry out of all!)

Vegetable Curry with Rice $8

The nice lady at the counter gave us some beef curry to try because we polished off our bowls…

2 sets of Roti Canai $4.50 each (absolutely loved the crisp flatbread which was made on the spot when you order it so it was still piping hot)

Teh Tarik (Hot/Cold) $3/$3.50

I thought the Roti Canai and the Teh Tariks were the highlights of this place. Didnt think the curries were spicy enough but I guess the tastes must have been adapted for the locals which did work judging from the crowds at lunch time. The service was fast and very good as well! Nice lady at the counter was recommending items on the menu for us to try and was flexible enough to allow us to make some special requests to our orders. So it was a nice experience overall but now I absolutely cannot wait to be home in a few days time to have the real thing!

8 Bank Street
Adelaide, SA 5000
08 8410 9888

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Adelaide, Australia

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