Royal China @ Raffles Hotel

So Ive been back for more than a week already but I was trying to clear my Adelaide posts first before I started blogging about Singapore.  But I have now changed my mind and have decided to just started blogging about Singapore because it’s too exciting! I’ll just continue with Adelaide posts next year or something..

ANYWAY! I HAVE FINALLY VISITED ROYAL CHINA!! I have heard so so much about this place but nothing prepared me for how blue it really is. The ‘Tiffany-Blue’ was so striking and pretty! And the place actually turned out smaller than the photos I have seen of the place mainly because the huge mirror in the restaurant makes it look deceptively bigger.

Anyhow, the dim sim were really good. Was pleased with everything especially the Prawn Chang Fen and the Fresh Mango Liu Sha Bao! The egg tarts were a tad disappointing though..because of the size and there was too much pastry and too little filling. But apart from that, first class service and first class food! Total bill between 2 of us was only $40.45 after GST and service charge. Definitely a must try. Visit no. 2 next week with mummy!

P.S. Dont forget to call for reservations! A definite must!

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1 Beach Rd
Raffles hotel arcade, Raffles hotel
6338 3363


2 Responses to Royal China @ Raffles Hotel

  1. weiweiwei88 says:

    i went there before too! Dim sum there is good and reservations are a must.

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