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O’ Coffee Club @ Holland Village

Yet another Groupon deal- $10 for $20 Worth of Gourmet Food and Drinks in 15 Locations Islandwide! Not many terms and conditions except that only a maximum of 5 groupons could be used per table and the offer was also available everyday including public holidays! So we came here for dinner on Boxing day and I only had my iPhone that day because I was dragged out of bed literally by daddy who insisted that I had slept enough and some fresh air was good for a sick person so I did not take the dslr out.

12 Days of Christmas

Sorry for the lack of updates for the last 9 days. I had unfortunately caught the flu during this festive season a few days prior to Christmas from the mad rush of trying to complete my Christmas shopping. Needless to say, with my less than perfect immune system at this point in time, I had a few relapses with the flu and fever all attacking my body at once. Somehow I managed to drag the achy and painful joints for family mass on Christmas eve on top of a very red nose which refused to stop flowing, watched a midnight movie with the family to celebrate the stroke of Christmas, pulled off the family dinner with mum and suffered dearly for the consequences the day(s) after.

Today might actually be the first day I got out of bed proper. Somehow after this illness, I tire out so easily that I just end up sleeping the day away in order to restore what little energy I have left. This is making me age faster than I actually am.

But the spirit of Christmas and of course family is what has gotten me going during this period and definitely dragging my body up for the food and somehow with mummy’s curry and the sweet desserts on the table, I managed to forget the pain for about an hour or two. We ended the night by watching daddy and mummy’s wedding tape from 28 years ago and laughing over the fashion from the 80s. I like Christmas and family time and dinners together with the whole family and opening presents :)

The sister’s boyfriend bought a very tempting box of sweets and goodies when he came over for dinner from Coffee Bean! Gingerbread man, chocolate fudge cups with mini Santas sticking out of them, brownies with fake axes and fruit cakes. I think he became my favourite person that night! Why am I such an easy person to bribe?? ><

$19.90 Nett Seafood Fiesta Set Meal at Friends @ Jelita | NOW CLOSED

About 3 weeks ago, dad spotted a deal on that read “81% off Amazing 4-Course Seafood Fiesta Set Meal at Friends @ Jelita (Plus Coffee / Tea); only $19.90 nett instead of $105.80” and so he bought coupons for the whole family to try it out. The terms and conditions had stated that ‘redemption was strictly by reservations only’ so initially we tried calling their hotline but it was perpetually engaged. Eventually I decided to just email them, only to be told time and time again that they were fully booked! Finally after 2 weeks, we got a table on a Saturday night.

There were a few choices within our courses that we could made such as for the starters and mains so we decided to try one of each.

Choice of Seafood Starters:

Crispy Scallop Roll (wasabi aioli dip)

I liked the dip. Wonderful blend of wasabi and aioli. Thought it complemented the crispy-ness of the scallop roll very well. One of the better starters.

Marinated Seafood Salad (assorted mesclun salad topped with marinated prawn & squid, white wine lemon vinaigrette dressing)

This seafood salad was normal, nothing fantastic and the mesclun leaves were not very fresh either.

Chilled Marinated Herb Mussels (topped with citrus pineapple salsa)

Pineapple salsa was very refreshing with the sweetness of the pineapple and sourness of salsa mixing quite well with the mussels.

Choice of Soups:

Chef Hot Soup of the Day
Top up $2 for Wild Forest Mushroom Soup (with truffle essence & chives)

We all chose the Chef Hot Soup of the Day since it was carrot soup and it was quite palatable. Had some fun drinking it straight from the cup.

Recipe: Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

The whole family has always been a fan of ginger- gingerbread man, ginger cookies, ginger tea! So gingerbread cupcakes was indeed a great twist to the family favourite especially with the tinge of spices such as cinnamon and cloves, it’s a ginger treat jam packed into a cupcake! For a darker shade of brown for the cupcakes so that they contrast with the colour of the frosting, use molasses or maple syrup to replace the sugar.

Nothing Says Christmas Like Good Food & Good Company

First Christmas party of the season at Mable’s house with everyone who is in town at the moment!

Mable dear sure knows how to throw a house party with the roasted turkey,honey baked ham and mashed potatoes with cranberry and vanilla pineapple sauces from Goodwood Hotel, colorful and pretty macarons, pizza, chocolate profiteroles, cupcakes and a huge jug of trifle with 5 layers, it was almost like a buffet :)