Adam Road Food Centre

Adam Road Food Centre used to be our favourite eating place back in NJ. We would take a bus down from school, have lunch here then cross the road to Serene Centre for Island Creamery! That was the life… Oh well, anyway the family came here for dinner tonight and somehow, the usual dishes we ordered, didnt taste as great as they used to back in the day :( Makes me sad whenever food doesnt taste as good as they used to when you go back after a long time just to relive good old memories…

Carrot Cake (black) $3

Oyster Omelette $5

Bee Hoon Goreng $3

Big Prawn Mee with Pork Slices $8

This used to be my highlight..and $8 for the smallest bowl used to be worth it but sadly today, the prawns were not very fresh. The soup was still as tasty though!

2 Adam Road


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