Soon Lai BBQ Fish

I seem to be sharing all my childhood food places lately. Actually they are all daddy and mummy’s favourite food hangouts and they were the ones who brought me to these places- Samy’s Curry, Adam Road Food Centre, Ah Mei Cafe and Whitely Road Big Prawn Mee etc etc. So now, I am introducing the place where I had my very first Sambal Stingray and awesome Fried Rice! :D

Dad used to da bao the stingray and 2 packets of fried rice home for us whenever he picked Mum up from her office back in the day after work :) The whole family will then sit in front of the television and eat out of the brown packets!

This Oyster Omelette is not from the same stall but this tasted pretty good too!

Remember to come by around 6 pm for dinner to beat the dinner crowd and the long queues! :)

Alexandra Village Food Centre
120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-57


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