Taiwan Series: Shilin Night Market and Jiufen

Taiwan seems to be the hotspot for most of my friends for their end of year holidays this year! Quite a few have asked me what’s nice in Taiwan and what are the MUST-TRIES there but because I went to Taiwan exactly one year ago around this time too, this blog had not yet been born. So I could not blog about Taiwan and hence could not share the parts of Taiwan that I really enjoyed.. :(

However, I was clearing my mac a few days ago and found the 1000+ photos I took in Taiwan during the 7 days I was there! Looking through them got me really nostalgic so I decided to put together a few posts about my time there just for all of you who asked :) These are based on what I remember from one year ago so hopefully they are somewhat helpful!

We were fortunate to stay with Daddy’s friend during this trip and their family were fantastic hosts! It helped too that they were also foodies and knew all the great obscure places to eat. So basically we did not do any planning for this trip- just got driven around from place to place, tourist attraction to the next and ate and ate and ate some more :)

Three things I remember distinctly about Taiwan: Bustling night markets with never ending yummy looking food, how almost every corner in the neighborhood has a bakery with delicious smelling and tasting bread, the many number of dogs there are everywhere! I think I saw more in Taiwan than my time in USA but not to worry, they are all very very well behaved :) and the emphasis they place on tea appreciation! (Totally my type of place- no coffee please!) Oh yes and not forgetting the land of bubble tea!

And so I shall start the first part of my Taiwan series with the street markets- Shilin and Jiufen

Most famous for their 豪大大雞排, 臭豆腐, 大香腸 and 馬鈴薯片! i.e. XXXL Chicken Cutlet, Smelly Tofu, Big Sausage and Sweet Potato Chips! :) The queues for these stalls are usually very long but very worth it! Soak in the bustling atmosphere while you are queuing up! You havent been to Taipei if you have not visited 士林夜市!

Next up is 九份 which is about an hr + drive from Taipei city. This famous mountain town, with its houses built on the hills is very scenic and pretty. And it’s also the place where I first tried my favourite popiah ice-cream! :D


This mountain town is also famous for their numerous tea places. Imagine drinking a cup of hot tea from a pot that has been brewed over charcoal in the cold winter. Bliss :)

Street markets are the best way to soak up the unique Taiwan atmosphere and enjoy the bustle of city life. With the roadside stalls and hawkers bantering their goods, you know you are definitely in Taiwan. These two markets in particular are very popular with tourists so the streets are usually overcrowded with people like you and me. It is also due to this reason that souvenirs and prices of food may be a little higher than the less advertised or quieter street markets.

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