Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery

I’VE FINALLY TRIED ANTOINETTE!! Okay, now that the excitement is over.. I am pleased to say that Antoinette does live up to the hype it has created. But as usual with all popular tea places such as TWG and Marmalade Pantry, the queues are very long. It does not help that the space at Mandarin Gallery is indeed quite small unlike the original branch at Penhas which is definitely a lot bigger. Maybe I will visit that branch one day after all…

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

Possibly the best scrambled eggs Ive had in a while though a little salty. The smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and brioche toast was the perfect combination :)

French Toast with Salted Caramel

YUMMY! French toast at Antoinette is a definite MUST-TRY! The toast was perfectly done, chantilly cream and salted caramel was simply divine. The french toast here could possibly give the one at Riders Cafe a run for its money!

Antoinette Cake– Smooth milk chocolate infused with earl grey tea envelops a hazelnut feuillitine enhanced with dark chocolate earl grey tea crémeux

Interesting blend of earl grey tea and milk chocolate with the wobbly red bubble of raspberry coulis at the top. And the hazelnut feuillitine added a nice crunch to the smooth creamy mousse.

With such an extensive menu of both savoury and sweet items, Antoinette deserves a second, third, fourth and fifth visit! Will be back to try their crepes, ice-creams and mains!

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Marmalade Pantry

333A Orchard Road
#02-33/34 Mandarin Gallery,
Singapore 238897


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