Sunday Brunch At The Stables

Marmalade pantry has opened another branch at Fairways Drive- Bukit Timah Saddle Club, next to Riders Cafe. We called up to make a reservation on Thursday but the only table available left for Sunday was at 2pm. So we took it and came here for supposedly lunch but ended up as really late lunch! The place was really crowded when we arrived and there was an indoor seating as well as an alfresco area. We were lucky that the weather that afternoon was both cooling and breezy with no rain so it was a pleasant experience sitting outdoors :)

Seared Scallop Linguini $24 with Tiger Prawn Bisque

Looked a lot better than it tasted unfortunately. Though the scallops and prawns were fresh and linguine well cooked, the combination of all the flavours did not quite blend. Or perhaps it lacked a little bit more spice or pepper to bring out the taste

Egg White Omelette $18 with feta cheese, spinach and tomato concasse

This was definitely not worth the $18. Was actually quite disappointed when this dish first came out. It looked like a shapeless white mass with some mushrooms and greens on the side.

Banoffee Pie $13

Very simple and tastefully done. The crust was crisp and perfectly moulded, toffee sauce sweet but not over the top and the whipped cream was simply the cherry on the cake. YUM!

Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Cake $8

Absolutely decadent, rich and sinful. Every mouthful was a delectable affair but this cake definitely has to be shared or it will be simply too much!

Verdict? A little too much hype. Though I would say that the atmosphere here is very different compared to the Ion branch and view is very scenic too. The menu is almost the same as the one at Ion with a few added dishes here and there. As usual Marmalade Pantry desserts never fail to deliver but their mains were a little disappointing. I will probably just stick to having desserts and afternoon tea here!

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Marmalade Pantry

The Marmalade Pantry at the Stables
55 Fairways Drive
+65 6467 7748


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