Taiwan Series: Breakfast in Tienmu District

Tienmu district was where we were staying the whole time we were in Taipei because there was where my uncle’s apartment was. This neighbourhood was surrounded by so many eateries, bakeries and schools, it was usually very lively from as early as 7am!

My aunty introduced to us a popular Taipei breakfast specialty- green onion cake蔥油餅 with salty/sweet soy bean milk  (豆漿). I had never tried salty soy bean milk before so this was especially interesting to me.

Reminds me a little of roti prata!

The stall uncle who makes the green onion cake with egg from scratch every morning! I ordered mine without green onions! Special order!

With added pork floss! DELISH!

That is the salty 豆漿 which tasted…different. I think I still prefer my usual sweet soy milk

This is another delicacy offered- youtiao with glutinous rice, egg, pork floss and caipo wrapped in plastic- psuedo popiah but definitely yummier!

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2 Responses to Taiwan Series: Breakfast in Tienmu District

  1. Fil says:

    Have just started to explore Taiwanese hawker food but its a definate weak spot in the Australian street food scene. Do you know of any places in Adelaide?


    • gninethree says:

      Hello Fil! Im sorry but I only know of one vegan place that sells Taiwanese inspired food according to the restaurant! It’s called Thea Tea Shop. Ive added the link for it. Hope you find it useful. If you do find some more places however, let me know! :D

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