$19.90 Nett Seafood Fiesta Set Meal at Friends @ Jelita | NOW CLOSED

About 3 weeks ago, dad spotted a deal on deal.com.sg that read “81% off Amazing 4-Course Seafood Fiesta Set Meal at Friends @ Jelita (Plus Coffee / Tea); only $19.90 nett instead of $105.80” and so he bought coupons for the whole family to try it out. The terms and conditions had stated that ‘redemption was strictly by reservations only’ so initially we tried calling their hotline but it was perpetually engaged. Eventually I decided to just email them, only to be told time and time again that they were fully booked! Finally after 2 weeks, we got a table on a Saturday night.

There were a few choices within our courses that we could made such as for the starters and mains so we decided to try one of each.

Choice of Seafood Starters:

Crispy Scallop Roll (wasabi aioli dip)

I liked the dip. Wonderful blend of wasabi and aioli. Thought it complemented the crispy-ness of the scallop roll very well. One of the better starters.

Marinated Seafood Salad (assorted mesclun salad topped with marinated prawn & squid, white wine lemon vinaigrette dressing)

This seafood salad was normal, nothing fantastic and the mesclun leaves were not very fresh either.

Chilled Marinated Herb Mussels (topped with citrus pineapple salsa)

Pineapple salsa was very refreshing with the sweetness of the pineapple and sourness of salsa mixing quite well with the mussels.

Choice of Soups:

Chef Hot Soup of the Day
Top up $2 for Wild Forest Mushroom Soup (with truffle essence & chives)

We all chose the Chef Hot Soup of the Day since it was carrot soup and it was quite palatable. Had some fun drinking it straight from the cup.

Choice of Hot Mains:

Ultra Slow Cooked Tur-Ducken (multi-layered juicy meat roll of turkey pastrami, chicken & smoked duck wrapped with bacon served with mashed potato & sauté vegetables, tomato cream sauce)

I was very excited about this main because it sounded special. It was interesting but not very outstanding. I didnt quite like the sauté vegetables.

Oven Baked Veracus Fish Fillet (baked with lyonnaise potato, tomato, olive & garlic)

Fish was very fresh and the potatoes were alright. Thought this might have been the best main.

Grilled Smoked Jumbo BBQ Pork Rib & Pork Shoulder Platter served with potato mousse & mesclun salad, BBQ sauce

Not too bad either. The pork was not too fat and had mostly lean meat. Dish was cooked quite well and was nice with the BBQ sauce.


Mini Brownies

A little bit too dry for my liking…

Overall, paying $19.90 nett for the 4 courses was very worth it. But if the original price was really $105.80, then that would be a little tricky but the food did not quite meet the standard. Service was brisk and efficient. Our courses did not take too long to be served and once we were done with one, the plate was cleared and in less than 5 min, the next was served so I was quite pleased with that. Atmosphere wise, it was a nice semi-fine dining family restaurant and overall a pleasant experience.

Cold Storage Jelita Building Level 2
293 Holland Road
Singapore 278628
Tel: 6463 1011
Email: reservation@friendsfoodandwine.com


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