12 Days of Christmas

Sorry for the lack of updates for the last 9 days. I had unfortunately caught the flu during this festive season a few days prior to Christmas from the mad rush of trying to complete my Christmas shopping. Needless to say, with my less than perfect immune system at this point in time, I had a few relapses with the flu and fever all attacking my body at once. Somehow I managed to drag the achy and painful joints for family mass on Christmas eve on top of a very red nose which refused to stop flowing, watched a midnight movie with the family to celebrate the stroke of Christmas, pulled off the family dinner with mum and suffered dearly for the consequences the day(s) after.

Today might actually be the first day I got out of bed proper. Somehow after this illness, I tire out so easily that I just end up sleeping the day away in order to restore what little energy I have left. This is making me age faster than I actually am.

But the spirit of Christmas and of course family is what has gotten me going during this period and definitely dragging my body up for the food and somehow with mummy’s curry and the sweet desserts on the table, I managed to forget the pain for about an hour or two. We ended the night by watching daddy and mummy’s wedding tape from 28 years ago and laughing over the fashion from the 80s. I like Christmas and family time and dinners together with the whole family and opening presents :)

The sister’s boyfriend bought a very tempting box of sweets and goodies when he came over for dinner from Coffee Bean! Gingerbread man, chocolate fudge cups with mini Santas sticking out of them, brownies with fake axes and fruit cakes. I think he became my favourite person that night! Why am I such an easy person to bribe?? ><

Our table arrangement which mum had specially gone out to buy new table mats and serviettes :)

My pride and joy- the prawn and crabmeat salad which I peeled and shredded

Some bread rolls which are essential for the next important dish…

Mummy’s CURRY!! Definitely spicy and very missed by Jie who had just returned from New York

And of course not forgetting some Christmas must-haves…

Mum’s friend had kindly offered to roast us a turkey this year and honestly it was the best turkey meat I had ever eaten! The breast was so succulent and moist unlike the usual store bought kind which were tough and dry. I would have taken a cross section except that it was dissected too quickly by all of us!

And some honey-baked ham :)

It’s so nice to have the whole family reunited since jie and I are back home now. Better start treasuring our time left with each other before we have to start saying our goodbyes once again (at least mine wont be as soon this time). Somehow being away from home has really made me appreciate home so much more, I miss how the house is never quiet and how someone is always available for tea, how it feels to be fussed over when you are sick and of course how it feels like to be a part of the family. Occasions like Christmas really tugs at the heartstrings and with 2012 being just a few days away, I truly wish for a quieter and less turbulent year unlike this year. It’s been 6 long months of this and I just want things to return to how they were, I want my health to return to how it was.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and happy new year :) May 2012 be better than 2011 and may your days be filled with joy and peace! I will be back to update more regularly. I have accumulated a backlog of posts from the past few days because somehow even though you are sick, eating is still a priority ;)

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