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Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Holland Village)

Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao was my first ever experience with xiao long bao- that small pouch of soup and mincemeat which fits exactly in a soup spoon. The thin and supple skin that breaks with a tiny bite so that one can first slurp up the soup inside before dipping what’s left of it into ginger and vinegar before popping it into the mouth.

Yes XLB became one of my favourite Chinese delicacies which I really enjoyed and I was soon on my way to try the different XLBs that Chinese restaurants had to offer, notably Din Tai Fung and Paradise Dynasty.

This time I was back at Crystal Jade in Holland Village after my last buffet experience a year ago where I solely enjoyed 5 lous of XLB which gave me really bad indigestion after that for the next few days. Had a slight phobia of XLB after that but that was due to my greediness.

Decided to not repeat my mistake and torturing my tummy again so I was good and ordered only one basket this time!

Tried 2 new La-mien flavours and they were so good! Definitely not disappointed at all. The first was the Hot and Sour La-Mien which the waitress who had taken our order warned us that ‘it was hen lar (very spicy)!’ We gave her a grin and said ‘hen hao!‘ with a thumbs up! When this bowl of piping hot La-mien arrived, it was delicious and an excellent choice. Was soon slurping up the spicy soup and enjoying the heat of both the chilli and chewiness of the La-mien.

Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant (Fusionopolis)

Early December last year, I received an e-mail informing me that I had gotten a place in Ladyironchef’s Makan Session sponsored by SMRT. SCORE! Fast-forward this year on the 14th of Jan, about 20 of us were gathering at the control station of One-North MRT.

After breaking the ice with several like-minded foodies, we were on our way to Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant upstairs for lunch! We were given a special menu which we could order from and all of us at the table ordered Ramen, thinking that with more Ramen varieties than Rice sets, it would be the better choice.

WRONG! Because when the food started coming out of the kitchen, the rice sets i.e. The Tempura Rice Set looked so delicious, everyone who had ordered Ramen regretted their decision on the spot (wish I had taken a photo of the Tempura set for you to compare) but anyhow! our own Ramen sets arrived and with our starving tummies rumbling, we could not wait to just dig in!

Fried Chicken Karrage Ramen Set

Gyuniku Ramen Set

This was my choice and I was quite pleased with it because the broth was rich and tasty. The menu also claimed that the soup was rich in collagen so I guess that gave me a bigger impetus to attempt to finish the bowl!

Peach Garden 桃苑 @ Orchid Country Club

Chinese new year comes early this year- just 3 weeks after Christmas. We had our annual reunion dinner on Mum’s side earlier than usual as well because Jie is flying off this Sunday. Definitely glad I did not miss this year’s reunion dinner as well as my CNY delicacies- pineapple tarts, love letters and kueh bangkit etc this time and eating much more to make up for what I missed out on last year having flown back earlier to Adelaide!

We went to Uncle’s club at OCC and enjoyed the Lunar New Year Set Menu @$68++ Per Person.

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar

So my sister was rushing out her paper and dad was tired after a long day at work. It was already 7.30pm and we were all starving so calling for a delivery was the next logical step to feed our starving rumbling tummies. We did initially want to order Oishi Pizza because that was the only pizza place that Jie was willing to compromise on especially since she just came back from the land of pizza and was hence adverse to the idea of eating pizza. But Oishi had stopped taking orders for the night since they were pretty popular that night so I suggested Crust!

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar first started out as a small family owned store in 2001, to recently being named one of Australia’s fastest growing franchise networks and had just recently opened their first international store here in Singapore. Ironically though I have driven past the Norwood outlet back in Adelaide several times, I had never tried it before because they did not do deliveries. We checked out the website online and found a few pizzas that caught Jie’s eye so this is what we ordered!

Guide to Rundle Street Restaurants and Cafes

Happy 1st Birthday to Gninethree! It has been officially 365 days since this baby was born and the 285th post I have posted. Here’s to many more years to come!

To celebrate this one year anniversary, I have decided to put together the list of restaurants and cafes that have been very close to my heart and my home literally. Having been fortunate enough to stay in the Rundle Street area for the past 2 years and being at the heart of where the best foods are, even till late at night, this is my guide through my favourite one road street.

According to, Rundle Street East is the heart beat of Adelaide’s ever popular cosmopolitan East End District. Specifically located between Frome Street and East Terrace, this area is known for the many cafes, restaurants which offer many affordable lunch specials, quirky shops and Palace Nova with $6 movie tickets for Monday movies before 4pm!

Instead of using the website’s definition of Rundle Street (between Frome Street and East Terrace), I will be including places from the start of Pultney Street as well i.e. once the Rundle Mall stretch ends, to the beginning of Rymill Park. The places are categorized according to the various types of meals- mainly Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert for convenient referencing.