Daily Archives: February 4, 2012

Paul Bakery

The downside of being in a tropical country is that you cannot really predict when it will rain, neither are weather forecasts actually reliant in predicting the weather. So when it started pouring suddenly on my way out after being all hot and sunny the whole morning, I decided to walk back upstairs to take my dslr out of my bag because there was absolutely no way I was going to get that precious thing wet. As such, the following images were captured with my trusty iPhone 4s which comes in very handy during such times.

So this post is on how I finally got to try the much esteemed French bakery and patisserie Paul Bakery which recently opened a branch on our shores last month. It is currently located at where Coffee Club used to be in Takashimaya on the 3rd floor. To be quite honest, my initial excitement and anticipation for this bakery was dampened by the many online reviews which complained about how this branch in Singapore did not quite live up to expectations compared to the original in Paris (which was founded in 1889) and how bad the service was.

But of course with all its rich history and tempting baked goods displayed on the counter, I knew I had to try this place out for myself before I could pass a verdict.

It is of course interesting to note that despite all the complaints and bad reviews, there is ALWAYS a queue at Paul’s. So we strategised to be there at 3pm- when the lunch crowd is leaving, before the afternoon tea crowd arrives. And my did our extra effort pay off because CHECK THIS OUT! NO QUEUE! The waiters however did keep us standing there for quite some time and soon a queue started to form behind us. Not quite a good first impression I must say…

Nevertheless, we were finally ushered to a two-seater in a cosy corner and a waiter serviced us promptly. We were initially quite keen on ordering one of the bread baskets but was persuaded otherwise by the waitress who said that the bread baskets were much fresher if we came in the morning instead. She then proceeded to recommending other dishes on the menu so this was what we finally decided on…