Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar

Weekend brunch could possibly be the best term ever invented and it is no secret that I am a big fan. After all, what better way to start the morning-afternoon than the smell of fried eggs with bacon, oven toasted bread and freshly squeezed fruit juices?

Say hello to Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar situated at the now defunct Monks Hill Secondary School who has only been on the scene for a few months but appears to be the perfect solution to that much needed meal on the last day of the weekend before you have to face the much dreaded day back to school or work on a Monday morning.

Sourdough bread, grilled portobello mushroom, sweet corn, arugula salad, hollandaise sauce

A name synonymous with weekend brunch, eggs benedict is a must-order at almost every morning gathering. Fortunately, Skyve’s rendition of the staple was indeed praiseworthy. The grilled portobello mushroom was not too oily and perfectly sauteed. Winning combination with a hollandaise sauce that was not too heavy or sour. Topped off with an overflowing folk, I was an extremely happy camper.

Smoked salmon, tomato & avocado salsa

There is honestly nothing to complain about this order. The rosti was crisp and not over fried while the avocado salsa was so delicious and simply melted in our mouths. I was never a huge fan of fresh avocado but this might have just convinced me otherwise.

Sunny side up, sesame seed mini bun, marinated sliced tomatoes, gherkins, melted cheddar cheese, béarnaise sauce

Mini beef burgers are my new obsession. Lightly toasted sesame buns, melted cheese and tender beef that was grilled to perfection with a sunny side up on the side was an absolute winner. Of course the cuteness of the mini sized burgers was very much appealing to the eye. Top marks for presentation.


With chives and light sour cream

With arugula and truffle oil

I have a weakness for truffle oil. Especially when it is paired with the saltiness of Proscuitto ham against the bitterness of the rocket,I fell deeply in love with this. The base was thin, crisp and warm as it had been served straight from the oven. Nothing can go wrong with a crispy base topped with fresh ingredients. The Smoked salmon pizza was nothing spectacular but the sour cream mix was a nice twist to something so ordinary.

Brunch at Skyve was definitely an enjoyable experience. The lovely ambiance coupled with the charming airy glass windows made this outing a very cosy one with its natural lighting. Plus points for being only 10min away from Newton MRT station, Skyve is not too inaccessible to non-drivers but still gives the rustic feel of being away from the bustle and town crowds so you can truly enjoy your brunch. I have been quite impressed with the affordable yet delish creations that Skyve has offered and will be back to try their dinner menu available from 6pm onwards.

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Graze @ 38 Martin Road

10 Winstedt Road
Blk E #01-17

Tel: +65 6225 6690


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