3 Inch Sin (Cluny Court) | NOW CLOSED

I am really thankful for the new circle line and how it has made once inaccessible places now very accessible. Cluny court is one such example and is now less than a 5 min walk from Botanic Garden station. Well known for being home to Simply Bread, Relish, Awfully Chocolate and Da Paolo, Cluny court also houses the original 3 Inch Sin store (the second one recently opened in Millenia Walk). This cafe is located in a relatively obscure corner on the second level and you probably will not notice it if you were not looking for it.

3 Inch Sin is a chocolate dessert cafe that specialises in, as the name of the store suggests, 3 inch sized molten chocolate cakes. And believe me nothing is sexier than pure decadent chocolate oozing out of the 3 inch Original Molten Cake which we ordered. At $6.50 per ramekin, this warm chocolate cake was simply heaven on earth. Choosing to pay an additional $3.50 for a scoop of Sea Salt & Caramel ice-cream was the best decision we made on our part. Simply lush.

The menu also offers other flavours of molten lava cakes which makes this place so unique- lemon, hazelnut, bitter orange and mint just to name a few.

This brownie certainly brought us to Cloud 9 at a bargain of $4.50. Made with the finest dark chocolate and freshly roasted nuts, it has been a while since I have enjoyed such a moist and fudgey brownie.

The Dark Side at $6 was a sweet pastry tart filled with dark, velvety chocolate ganache. Smooth and creamy, each mouthful was delightful and rich. Loved the balance of the dark chocolate against the sweetest of the pastry base.

If you do not want an overload of chocolate then Lost In The Blackforest may just be your thing. Dark chocolate mousse with kirsch soaked cherries and a generous topping of chocolate shavings on, blackforest cakes were never this alluring and tempting. Priced at $7.50, this 3 tiered chocolate sponge cake is a gem.

3 Inch Sin has definitely won my vote in satisfying my sweet tooth. With their affordable prices and relatively wide variety of chocolate cakes, this unassuming dessert cafe certainly gives many higher end dessert boutiques a run for their money. I do hope that 3 Inch Sin is here to stay.

501 Bukit Timah Road
#02-27 Cluny Court Singapore
Tel: +65 6314 1217


2 Responses to 3 Inch Sin (Cluny Court) | NOW CLOSED

  1. raytham says:

    Are these the pictures taken with the DSLR? They look good!

  2. gninethree says:

    Yup they are. So were the photos in the previous post at Skyve. I was lucky because the two places had beautiful natural lighting. But I cant be that lucky all the time!

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