Valentine’s Day Dinner At The ART

Valentine’s Day is possibly the most commercialized day ever. Large displays of affections, flowers and red hearts everywhere. Most people choose rather to stay at home to avoid the many couples along the streets holding hands and girls holding bouquets of flowers. I guess it’s safe to say that this day would be the best if you are attached (and if your other half buys into the whole idea of celebrating Valentine’s) or the worst if you are alone because society tends to rub salt into that wound a little more on February fourteenth.

For me, the best Valentine’s days were back in school. Rushing to Far East Flora after school the day before to buy flowers and staying up till the wee hours of the morning that night to churn out home-made cards for your friends. Receiving stalks of roses and chocolates the next day and going home with a big plastic bag of assorted red. Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside as you read through the sweet and funny personal messages that your friends wrote for you. Yes my favourite Valentine’s days were in IJ and college.

This year, I celebrated Valentine’s Day with my family at The ART and it could not have been more meaningful especially with Fenny’s birthday falling on the same day. As mentioned in my earlier post, the evening was a 4-course Set Dinner Menu at $40 nett per person.

We started off with a mocktail and the Evergreen Honey which was a very light mixed green salad with Citrus Honey Vinaigrette which was not too filling yet whetted our appetites for the next few courses which were to come. The carrots were beautifully shredded and the presentation with a heart shape designed cleverly using the vinaigrette added a lovely touch to the starter.

Next was Our Ocean Treasures, a seafood chowder which honestly deserved two thumbs up. Initially I was not exactly enthused about having chowder as cream based soups were not really my thing but this bowl did change my mind. The chef was very generous with the ingredients in the chowder and every mouthful was filled with chunks of fish, carrots and potatoes. It was simply delightful.

Onward to the mains. There were four choices that night but we only managed to try two varieties since everyone wanted to order the same thing.

This was the Grilled White Fish with Coriander Pesto served atop mash and steamed veggies. It was not my order but comments were that the fish was fresh, pesto perfect, the mash was silky smooth and not dry at all.

I had the Striploin with Black Pepper Sauce served with veggies and butter rice. Had my Striploin done ‘Medium Rare’. Would have never done that in the past but after having been trained in Aussieland where steak was best appreciated ‘Medium Rare’, I decided to take my chances and try it here as well! I was first surprised by the large cut of beef which I was served and the portion of the main. The ‘Medium Rare’ was excellently done and the right shade of red. The meat was juicy, moist and tender. There was nothing to fault. Even the butter rice had a lovely aroma and veggies not too salty.

For dessert, we were Basking in Sweet Joy as we each had a plate of chocolate fudge cake with Vanilla ice-cream and strawberries. I was pleasantly surprised by the chocolate fudge cake which was well baked, not too sweet and had the right amount of fudginess to it. Unfortunately, I was not a big fan of the ice-cream that had already started to melt when it reached my table.

As promised, the souvenirs we took home from that night- a special personalized photo insert which we took outside the restaurant against the lush greenery at the start of the night + a complementary The ART mug.

To top it all off, we were also serenaded through the evening by a very talented member of the staff who belted out love songs from the 80’s and the 90’s like a pro. It’s right when they say that music has the power to put people in the mood for loveeeeee.

It was a lovely evening spent at the ART. The spontaneity, enthusiasm and joyful attitude of the student-waitresses brought a great atmosphere to the restaurant and of course, not forgetting the ‘student chefs’ honing their cooking skills in the open concept kitchen and were an integral part of the entire gastronomic experience which we enjoyed that night. It was indeed heartening to know that the students at Assumption Pathway School were able to cope with the pressures of hosting an occasion of such a large scale.

Do drop by for their daily set lunches at $12 nett or subscribe to their FB page for more events to come. I hear that their next big project will be for Mothers’ Day! So watch this space for more details soon!

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