Daily Archives: February 22, 2012

The Tea Party Cafe @ Sixth Ave

The Tea Party Cafe used to be my favourite go-to place for pasta and pizza back in my NJ days because of 1) its proximity and location 2) their affordable lunch specials 3) unlimited magazines and boardgames to borrow 4) but last and most importantly, as I had already not so subtly mentioned…their pasta and pizza!

Located at the corner of the row of shops just off 6th ave, this unassuming 2 storey cafe certainly does not stand out. But enter through the doors and you are greeted by a picture of comfort. Low rise sofa benches and a low lit atmosphere gives the cafe a comforting and relaxing feeling. Definitely catered for a lazy afternoon or a chilled out session with the girls. Climb up the stairs to the upper level for a lot more seating with proper tables and chairs.

We came here for lunch one afternoon. Correction- we have been coming here for the last few afternoons just to chill and wait for my little brother to take the bus from school to meet us since the bus stop is conveniently located just outside the cafe. Each pasta/pizza is served as a set with iced tea and the soup of the day. We ordered an extra brew of Green Sencha for $5.50 and that is possibly the most adorable tea pot ever!