A Coffee Club Dinner

It was back to O’ Coffee Club at Holland Village to use up our remaining 3 groupons that we had bought last year. And as I had mentioned in my previous post, it was technically 50% off the bill- you pay $10 for every $20 spent!

There is really nothing not to love about this Coffee Club branch at Holland Village and I dont think I had mentioned earlier but the service here is really excellent. The waitresses/waiters are polite and efficient, very sincere in their service and A+ at making you feel comfortable and served. 3 times I have been here and though I have been served by different people each time, they have all left a very lasting impression and I have to commend the people who have trained them so well and of course the workers themselves for making such an effort at service.

Between the three of us, the first main we shared, was the Honey Glazed Chicken which had a crunchy French Onion crust and was served with mashed potatoes. You can never fault Coffee Club for their presentation and first impressions of their dish. It’s safe to say that the chefs do a good job at replicating what you actually see in the pictures of the menu. However, taste wise was a little disappointing. The seasoning and marinating of the chicken had not been properly done, leaving some parts of the chicken really salty and difficult to eat. The greens were very fresh though and mash smooth.

The Mega Club Sandwich was a definitely a good choice. Layers of classic Caesar salad with roasted chicken, smoked salmon and cheddar, this is one sandwich that is scrumptious in a healthy way if you excuse that cup of golden crisp french fries at the side…

Xpresso Baby Pork Ribs was actually my order because I had a craving for good ol’ ribs! Was a little hesitant about the coffee glaze initially as I am not a fan of coffee but the worry was unwarranted as the coffee smell/taste could not be detected. Instead, the coffee brought out the full flavour of the grilled ribs and I enjoyed the tenderness and meatiness of the ribs.

And of course no meal is complete without dessert. I often wondered where my sweet tooth came from and today, watching my parents polish off this Nutty Mud Pie with me, I found my answer. Caramel, nougat and candied macadamias, everything about this dessert was sinful, sweet and oh so gratifying.

I am really glad we had bought those Groupons!

48A Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277699
Contact: 6466 029


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