db Bistro Moderne (Marina Bay Sands)

Together with two other celebrity restaurants- CUT by Wolfgang Puck and Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza, db Bistro Moderne is the third celebrity restaurant in Marina Bay Shoppes that is located conveniently near the Sands Theatre where the likes of The Lion King and currently Wicked is playing. As such, these restaurants offer a great before or after theatre dining option. Servers are also considerate enough to ask if you are catching a musical so as to ensure that your food reaches you in time before showtime.

The original db Bistro Moderne which was set up by Chef Daniel Boulud in Midtown Manhattan is highly acclaimed and Michelin Chef Daniel has made a name for himself as having opened an unpretentious French-American bistro that serves food that is simply packed with flavour.

This branch at Marina Bay Sands  has a very Parisian and chic feel when you first walk in. High ceilings, a stylish bar, smartly dressed waiters and an open window concept which allows diners to enjoy their food while watching the world go by, db Bistro Moderne is hardly modest in its setting and layout.

We arranged to meet here for Sunday branch and to be honest, this visit came tagged with many high expectations and much excitement.

The plan was to order a few mains and leave some room for dessert so we settled on the FRIED EGGS LYONNAISES $21 which was simply the star of the afternoon. The combination of the duck confit, mushrooms and bite sized potatoes was to die for. For starters, the duck confit was beautifully prepared and well-browned. The meat was moist and not overly salty, it was simply delightful. Potatoes were evenly cut and cooked to perfection that it was neither too hard or soft to the point of becoming mushy. Throw in a fried sunny side-up on the top, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Next to arrive was the TARTE FLAMBÉE $18 which was not actually on the brunch menu but on the dinner menu instead. We found out about this dish because we got curious as to what the person at the next table was having so we asked the waiter who kindly explained to us that it was not a brunch item but if we wanted, they could arrange to have it prepared for us. Gold star for initiative and service.

This modest looking flat bread was hardly eye catching but it was deceivingly oh so good. Bacon, onion and Fromage Blanc (creamy soft cheese) on dough was crisp, soft, salty and sweet all at the same time. The subtlety of the flavours were the perfect marriage and it was hard to believe that something so simple and flat could be so three dimensional in taste.

And of course, one cannot dine at db Bistro Moderne without trying THE ORIGINAL db BURGER $38. Yes we were initially very hesitant about paying $38 for a burger but this is no ordinary burger. The Sirloin patty is stuffed with Braised Short Ribs and Foie Gras served between Parmesan buns. We had the patty done ‘Medium’ and it was tender and delicious. I loved the patty to bread ratio and how the patty retained its juices and texture.

The fries were also perfect- not too oily and not too salty and went well with the trio of dips the bistro readily provided for us upon request.

After that satisfying experience with our mains, we proceeded to ordering our desserts.

We decided on the CLAFOUTIS TOUT CHOCOLAT $15– the classic warm flourless chocolate cake which did not quite flow as readily as the usual lava cake would but nonetheless delightful and somewhat melt-in-your-mouth good. The Vanilla ice-cream and Chocolate sorbet served with the cake was a generous and pretty contribution to the plate but unfortunately the sorbet did not quite match the texture of the cake.

The PROFITEROLES $15 came highly recommended and it did not disappoint one bit. The server poured the hot chocolate sauce for us when the plate reached our table and the round chocolate piece atop the three profiteroles simply melted with the heat of the sauce and formed a beautiful chocolate ‘cap’ over the profiteroles.

We got the ice-cream changed from the original Coffee Rocky to Malted Milk and these profiteroles are possibly the best I have ever tasted. The chocolate sauce was rich and full of cocoa, it did not taste like regular chocolate sauce used by fast food chains with the synthetic aftertaste while the cream puffs held its own against the sweetness of the Malted Milk ice-cream.

This was so amazing we were quite tempted to order a second plate…

Overall, I certainly do not think that db Bistro Moderne is overrated as some believe it to be. Executive Chef Stephane Istel who currently helms the Singapore branch has displayed his passion for his craft through his dishes and it is definitely a delight to enjoy food that is being prepared with such skill and talent. Chef Daniel Boulud need not be worried about this branch if such standards continue to be maintained. I look forward to returning and trying more of their mains and having another round of those delicious Profiteroles.

10 Bayfront Ave
#B1-48 Marina Bay Sands
Tel: +65 6688 8525


3 Responses to db Bistro Moderne (Marina Bay Sands)

  1. D says:


    You won me over with that burger!! OH MY. <3

    And Wicked is playing in Singapore?! I loved Wicked. Highly recommended. :)

    • admin says:

      It was amazingggg :D And yes it is playing in Singapore now! Wanted to catch it when it came to Adelaide last year but tickets were so expensive! :( Have been hearing many good things about it!

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