Opened by the ex executive chef of PS Cafe, the new kid on the block- Hummerstons is the place to go to for brunch. It’s hard not to pick up on the similarities between both establishments when they both have the same chilled and laid back environment as well as a secluded and relatively hard to find location factor down to a T.

Tucked away at the corner of the second level of Robertson Walk (directly opposite TCC), Hummerstons offers a spacious dining area with wooden tables and chairs or comfortable arm chairs and sofas in a separate lounge area. This restaurant caters to those who wish to enjoy a lazy brunch away from the hurried bustling city life. With its whitewashed brick walls and low lit lamps hanging from the drop ceiling, it’s easy to just slip into that relaxed mode once you step through the doors of this place.

We started our brunch with The Hangover Poutine $15. This dish which originates from Quebec is typically just french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. From the many variations offered on the menu that day, we decided on The Hangover which had the additional pork & garlic sausage, beef jus and poached egg. On first impressions, the poutine looked hardly appetising when it first arrived with its soggy looking fries and brown appearance but luckily we were proved wrong. This mushy mess of thick gravy sauce, melted cheese and hand cut fries was a wonderful mix of flavours and textures. The broken poached egg which lent a very runny yolk to the entire concoction was simply the icing on the cake.

The Truffle Mushroom Bisque $12 was everything a bisque should be- thick, smooth and creamy. Of course the tantalizing smell of the truffles which greeted our senses when it was first brought to our tables had already won our hearts (I meant stomachs) over and we could not wait to dig our spoons into this one. A definite favourite with all of us!

The Hummerstons Brunch Burger $27 was a typical heart attack served on a plate on so many levels. For starters, the size definitely justified the price. Next, the sweetness of the caramelized onions and saltiness of the applewood smoked bacon teases your taste buds and prepares them for the ‘Medium rare’ beef patty that was the perfect shade of pink. Topped off with the glistening yolk of the sunny side up at the top, together with the spiced tomato chilli aioli served in a dish at the side (which is by far the best aioli I have ever tasted) and beautifully fried golden brown fries, what’s there not to love about this burger?

We ended with the Hummerstons Pancakes $17 which I absolutely cannot fault in any way. The pancakes were fluffy, light and everything the perfect pancake should be. Best part was cutting through all three round flat cakes and eating three cut slices in a mouthful. Terribly unglam but oh so delicious and necessary with such a dish. The fresh berries served atop the pancakes gave it an overall healthy and summery feel, almost making you feel less guilty for dousing the entire pancake with maple syrup.

Not forgetting the accompaniment of fruit compote, maple syrup and whipped butter served as a trio on the side, you can almost decide the different variations you would like your pancakes to be eaten.

Overall, I do like Hummerstons very much. It has ticked all the boxes for the perfect brunch place in terms of space, feel, furniture, food and location. Coupled with friendly and efficient service, it is hard not to love such a place which is able to provide that rustic getaway feel, even if it’s just for that morning. I think that with the increasing pace of life in Singapore, it’s important to find such places to just forget about work and enjoy that weekend brunch with family or friends.

11 Unity Street
#02-14 Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995
Tel: +65 6737 8863

Tue – Fri: 12:00 pm- 12:00 am
Sat – Sun: 10:00 am- 12:00 am


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