Yan Ting 宴庭 @ St. Regis

Primed as one of the more authentic Cantonese restaurants, Yan Ting provides a top notch dining experience in one of Singapore’s luxury 5 star hotels on Orchard Road at the St Regis.

The restaurant located at the corner of the second level of the posh and luxurious hotel has a hardly noticeable entrance but walking through the doors gives one a totally different experience. Greeted by a beautiful chandelier hanging from the middle of the ceiling, the main dining area is not too big but cosy and comfortable. The tables are adequately spaced apart with plush arm chairs for the extra comfort while dining. It’s obvious that Yan Ting strives for quality experience instead of quantity where restaurants try to squeeze as many tables as possible into a given space. Booth seats are also available for couples for that extra privacy which is a nice touch. This is also precisely why reservations are a must given the limited number of seats available.

While Yan Ting is well known for their weekend dim sum brunch buffet at $98++ per person, I personally wanted to spend a little less first and decided to try out their ala-carte dim sum menu on the weekdays instead.

The Steamed Shrimp and Scallop Dumplings $6 were the first to arrive at our table and it was a great first impression to the remaining dishes to come. Both the scallops and prawns were fresh and the portion generous. The translucent starch skin on the outside did a perfect job at holding the ingredients of the dumpling together without being too heavy and thick. With the added parsley leaf and orange roe atop the dumpling as garnishing, this was definitely both an aesthetically and taste pleasing choice.

Next was my dim sum staple- Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumpling $6 and this was good! Perfect prawn to skin ratio and the dumplings were beautifully wrapped with obvious skill given how fragile thin the skin was. One of my favourite Har Kao places to date. It pleases me when dim sum places get their staples right.

Mum requested for the Hong Kong Style Pan-seared Radish Cake $5 but I am personally not a fan of radish cake. Yet I could not resist taking a piece when this dish first arrived at our table because the fried smell of the radish cake was simply tempting. I was pleasantly surprised when I took a bite because it was actually delicious. The radish was grated well and had the right amount of sweetness. Together with salty contribution from the mix of dried shrimp and bits of pork sausage, this was yet another great creation by Yan Ting.

The Steamed Beancurd Roll in Abalone Sauce $5.40 was decent. I loved how the chef wrapped many rounds of beancurd skin around the prawns inside without making it too thick. The skin too was soft and tender and went perfectly well with the abalone sauce it was steamed with.

The Steamed Cheong Fun Rice Roll with Scallops $10 took the longest to arrive. I was growing impatient as we had ordered it at the first round but only arrived as the last dish in the second round. Nothing to complain about the rice roll as it had the right amount of elasticity and springiness but the highlight was actually the warm sweetened soy sauce served with the rice roll. There was something special about it that brought out the true flavour of the scallops and the otherwise bland rice roll.

Deep Fried Mango Rolls with Shrimp $4.50 was alright. While I was not too big a fan of the pastry which I found to be too thick and crumbly, the mango and shrimp combination inside did save the dish overall.

And leaving the best for last…please do not look down on these Mini Egg Tarts $6 because they are simply packed with flavour. This was oh so good in every way. The custard was smooth and sweet, the pastry was crisp and buttery and overall served warm, you’ve got yourself one (or three) wicked bursting with goodness tarts! Loved these mini little things that looked so deceivingly small and disappointing but gave the perfect end to a fulfilling yum char experience.

Yan Ting is definitely one of the places to go for good dim sum delicacies. Coupled with award winning service by attentive and efficient staff and a convenient location, Yan Ting does live up to expectations in more ways than one. I had an extremely satisfying afternoon with both the food and the ambiance which was not too boisterous as most other Chinese restaurants tend to be. I will be back for more dim sum.

Lunch, 11.45 am – 2.30 pm, Daily
Dinner, 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm, Daily
Weekend Dim Sum Brunch, 11.45 am – 3.00 pm, Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays

29 Tanglin Road
The St Regis
Singapore 247911
Tel: +65 6506 6866

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  1. feizhu says:

    You didn’t try their char siew sou? I always make it a point to eat at least 3 and tarpow another dozen more back. I like their egg tarts too. However, the other dim sum items are decent but nothing to shout about imho.

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