Daily Archives: March 28, 2012

10 Things You Should Know About Food Bloggers

I recently came across this post by Not Quite Nigella about 10 Things You Should Know About Food Bloggers and I just had to share it because it is so TRUE!

And sadly if you do know me in real life, I think many of you will find that most if not all of the 10 things hold true for me. Let me know if you find yourselves nodding when thinking about my eating habits as you read on!

1. Be prepared to eat early. Like a reverse Vampire, we love the light as more light means better photos. Eating dinner at 4pm? Sure, no problem, the light will be good then. Similarly, you’ll also find us seated near the window more often than not as the light is better there and we only use Flash in extreme circumstances or in closed blogger-friendly company.

2. We’re shy and hate to be stared at, especially while we are taking photos. However if it’s something exciting, we retreat into a haze and snap away uncaring. That’s called the “Paparazzi Brangelina moment”, when we descend into a frenzy of snapping.

3. Most people react to romantic lighting positively. Not the food blogger. We will utter things such as “crap, not this moody, romantic lighting again. What about my photos!”. Because as you know, it’s all about the photos ;)

4. We love to share food. The equation is straightforward: the more food shared, the more food sampled and the more we can write about.